How the Administration of Justice Program Began


    The Administration of Justice program has drawn upon dozens of criminal justice sources in its development over the last 35 years.  It is a highly regarded; standards based multi-media driven curriculum that is currently used in educational institutions across the country. The program is endorsed by National Partners in Education and has been featured at many of their conferences across the country.


    The program began as a single site high school classroom program in Los Angeles County in 1980. By 1988, it was the model curriculum for law related instructional programs in three school districts in Los Angeles County serving eight high school programs.


    Today the Administration of Justice Program has been adopted for use by over four hundred educational institutions across the United States and the number continues to increase yearly. The success of this program is the user-friendly design, flexibility and ease of delivery. It has been written in easy to understand formats making it possible to pick the delivery technique best suited to the instructor's style of teaching. Since its debut in 1991 the Administration of Justice Program has never been returned for a refund for any reason. We have had numerous favorable comments from those instructors who have chosen the Administration of Justice Program for use in their classrooms (See “Reviews” on our homepage for a few of the comments).


    The program is articulated with several Los Angeles County colleges for course equivalency credit at the college level. High school students who successfully complete the high school program are awarded college credits at the participating college for two courses: Introduction to the Administration of Justice (ADJU1) and Concepts of Criminal Law (ADJU3). Students are not required to attend the college after graduation to earn up to nine quarter units. After graduation should they attend a different college they can have those credits transferred to the college of their choice.


    This is the only curriculum of its kind where instructor input is welcomed in the annual revision, update and development process. Additionally, instructors may get help in custom revisions for their own special needs within days or weeks, in most cases at no extra charge with a simple phone call or email.