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The Administration of Justice program is available for license on a yearly basis. The license agreement authorizes the licensee to use the curriculum for one instructor teaching one or more classes at the same school location. To use at multiple schools a site license is required for each school. It includes the instructor DVD and a StudentWorks CD containing course curriculum, technical support, annual revisions to existing modules, and new curriculum modules as they are developed. The annual license agreement price is $375.00 per class period. If you intend to use the curriculum in more than one classroom or school a separate license agreement would be required for each instructor.


Use the order form on the main page to mail or fax your order. It is usually shipped with 1 to 2 days.


System Requirements

In order to use the curriculum materials included with this program you will need the following minimum computer hardware:


     1. IBM compatible

     2. Color VGA monitor (if you intend to use the colorized version with a Projection System)

     3. LaserJet printer/Inkjet printer


The following software programs are required to access your Administration of Justice files:


     1. Windows PC - Operating Systems.

     2. Adobe Acrobat – (*.pdf extensions)

     3. Microsoft Power Point - (*.pps extensions)