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XCLUSiVE AMENiTiES available to members of the


Pro rams

s we approach the new millennium. The Warner Theatre celebrates 75 years of thrilling entensinment.

Audiences have come together at ihe Warner Thearre ro revel in elecui­ fying live performances and cheer the premiers of the best in cinema.The palatial rheatre has seen the birth and rebinh of swing, the evolution of
rock from rebellious ro classic and the best in

20th century musical thearf'e rhe first and second time around.Our Grand Suites have been r he pl'e­ mier vehicle for corporate and personal entertaln­

lng since rhe theatre's breathtaking renovation In

1992. We offer exclusive seating. available only through the Grand Suire Program. with an excep­ tional view. preferent;al service. and spectacular shows (including invitat;ons to private events not open ro rhe general public). As a Warner Grand Suireholder. you have direcc and easy access ro the best seats in the house for your business associates. clients,employees. family end fr;ends. Become a parr of rhe viral new rradlrion of one of Washington·s oldest cultural landmarks.

•> FREE Covered Parking with direct access to the theatre

You will receive z parking p.asses yi; lh your Grand Suite tld:ets f01 the PMI parking garage located in Tho Warner builfinYou and yoor guests can tnter 1he lhtattt cli1Cify

l'litbol.l1 ever having to set foot outfie or stoppl1g at the box office.

.:. Wait Staff at Grand Suite

Servtrl will come to you before the show an.d at intermlssiort 10 tab your beverage

ordm No need 1t1 wai11n l'le11ltle bar!

•) Beverage Coupons available for advance pun:hase

II you wish, yo11 may p1rthase beverage coupons in adnnce to distribulr whh

the G11t1d Suite tictets so that your gums can enjoy drinks during the shaw without

spending a dime.

•!> Invitations to private events not available to general public

01!1Slitebolders b.ave bean &motlg ltle honored guests lor fim pranietaDd private par:

ties closed 10 the general public.

Flexibility in choice of performances

Whe1t1er vou're a fan ol Broadway shows1 rock and roll or jan you alit seltct the

perform3:nces !fDU woold ltb to attend out ot tht broJd r8nge of shows thai tab place

Jt The Warner.

>) Ticket requests by fax, tickets received by courier

We will Slh"ld you a monthly mailing wi1h desef1ltionJ of upcoming porfoona.1ces aOO a

convt.nient dlecklist tor ytru to to yo._ crder. W. will then courier your tittets directly to you, hassle free.

•!< Tours of the historic Warner Theatre available for your staff.family and VIP's

A.s The Warner Theatre celebrates 75 yrars as a ciAturat landma11t in

Wasbillft:m,we woold be!)teased to offer to!Kt few you and your goem

pjllause Program




- GBAND-SUlU programs

lJ Yes, I am interested In the Warnor

Grand Suits Programs, esp&cittlly. ,

J Applause Program

$2,500 for four seats to any 12 evonts

Receive 4 SEATS in the Grand Suite area for

12 Performances of Your Choice

throughout the year plus 2 PAf\IONGPper show.

vation Program $5,000

..J Ovation Program

SS, OOO for four seats to any 25 events

.J Encore Program

$12.000 for four seats to any 75 events

...1 Bravo Program

-- R e,c ei-v_e_4-SEATS in the Grand Sui te area for l

25 Performances of Your Choice

th roughout tho yoar plus 2 PAAKJHG PASstS por show.

1ncore Program $12.000

$30.000 for four seats to every event

Designer Program

tf vou don't NOm. program liSted thin win wont for Y'O'L

t WarneGt-andSv1t"<worit fo-r you.



oi'T\8 r•evailabht to meet your bu.an.N

anndeed-ju•tlet usknOw now we c..-.make


I am interested ;n a privato tour of tho hletorlo

Receive 4 SEATS In the Grand Suite area for

75 Performances of Your Choice

throughout tho veer plus 2 PAAKINO PASSt& per show.

ravo Program $30,000

Patrons of this exclusive program receive

4 SEATS in the Grand Suite area for each and

every performance throughout the year -


choice of Grand Suite plus 2 PAHI(ING PASSes per show.

Wamer Theatre and the Grand Suite area.


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ORGANIZATION ------------------------ ------ ---



Ploose drop m the US Mail or lax to {202) 783..0204.

For more inlormat1on.call (202) 626-8260





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