Cambridge at Heritage Ridge South
Property Owners Association

Rules & Regulations Governing the Common Areas
and General Appearance of the Community

as of January 2018


These Rules and Regulations have been written with the intent to preserve and protect the appearance, useful life and value of the common property and equipment mutually possessed by the property owners of the Cambridge community.


Each member of the Association has an obligation to and personal investment in the Cambridge community. Let us use and not abuse our common areas and possessions.


The Rules and Regulations may be revised by the Association whenever they become obsolete, inequitable or fail to cover existing situations.


1.      Cambridge at Heritage Ridge South is an adult community. No dwelling unit shall, at any time, be permanently occupied by children who are under sixteen (16) years of age, except that children below the age of sixteen (16) may be permitted to visit and temporarily reside for periods not exceeding sixty (60) days in total in any calendar year. No permanent occupancy of any dwelling unit shall be permitted by an individual between the ages of sixteen (16) and fifty-five (55) except that persons between the age of sixteen (16) and fifty-five (55) may be permitted to visit and temporarily reside for periods not exceeding sixty (60) days in total in any calendar year. Provided, however, that persons between the ages of sixteen (16) and fifty-five (55) may permanently occupy a dwelling unit if granted exception by the Board of Directors as provided in the Master Form Deed of Heritage Ridge South, Section One and the Declarations of Covenants and Restrictions for Section Two and Section Three. A person is deemed to permanently occupy or reside in a dwelling unit if he or she is present in the unit for a period exceeding sixty (60) days in total in any calendar year.

2.      Owners should courteously and tactfully call attention to any violations they may observe. If the violations persist, the Association should be notified.

3.      Owners should periodically review and conscientiously observe the deed restrictions governing their property.

4.      No violation of the deed restrictions will be condoned.

5.      A speed limit of twenty-five (25) miles per hour, throughout the Cambridge community shall be observed by all. (This is enforced by the Martin County Sheriff's Dept).


1.      Parking areas designed "handicapped" are for vehicles with Florida state-issued handicapped hang tags only, or out-of-state cars bearing handicapped status identification.

2.      The area under the Clubhouse canopy is for loading and unloading only. No parking is permitted in the canopy area.

3.      Bicycles shall be parked in designated areas only. They are not allowed in the recreation areas.



Property owners in Cambridge have priority in the use of all facilities and amenities. Guests or Tenants sponsored by owners are welcome but must observe all the rules.


1.       Many of us have family and guests that visit and stay with us for a week or two.  These guests are allowed to use the pool/facilities without the owner being present as long as they follow the Rules and Regulations.  Children under sixteen (16) years of age shall be allowed to enter the pool area only when accompanied by, and kept under the close supervision of an owner/adult, tenant/guardian.

A child still in the diaper stage or untrained will not be permitted in the pool at any time, regardless of brand of diapers or “swimming pants”.


Guests who live in the surrounding area must be accompanied by the owner/tenant.


2.      Owners will be held responsible for the conduct of their guests and tenants.

3.      Host/Owners must inform their guests of the rules and regulations, particularly those rules relating to the Swimming Pool, Clubhouse, Recreation areas and Parking facilities.

4.      If guests or tenants violate the rules, the host/owner will be requested by the Association to terminate the use of the recreational facilities by their guests.

5.      Absentee owners who allow occupancy of their homes must notify the Association in writing, stating the names, relationship and length of stay of such guests/tenants. All such guests/tenants should be conversant with these rules and regulations.

6.      Please remember that key cards and key fobs are not to be loaned out to any non-resident..  If violated, the owner’s key card will be suspended.


1.    All persons using the pool do so at their own risk.

2.    All persons must shower before entering the pool.

3.    Persons with infectious or contagious health conditions, such as colds, fungus, skin diseases and the like must not use the pool.

4.    Suntan lotions, creams and oils must be completely removed before entering the pool. (Exception: Approved, Non-oily, waterproof sunscreen products may be used according to directions. The concern here is the contamination of the pool filter). Pool area furniture must be covered with towels before use.

5.      Floating objects, such as inner tubes, rafts and similar objects are not permitted. However, "noodles" and children’s' water wings are acceptable. Diving masks, flippers, snorkel and scuba equipment are allowed only with special permission of the Board, and under special conditions.

6.    Persons under sixteen (16) years of age shall be allowed to enter the pool area only when accompanied by, and kept under the close supervision of, an owner/adult tenant/guardian.

7.    Chemicals used in the pool may be harmful to the skin and eyes of anyone, especially small children. A child still in the diaper stage or untrained will not be permitted in the pool at any time, regardless of brand of diapers or "swimming pants".

8.    Objects made wholly, or in part, of glass, ceramics or other shatterable material, are not permitted in the pool area. Only paper and soft or unbreakable plastic containers are permitted in the pool/patio area. All debris must be disposed of properly in trash containers.

9.    Chairs, tables or other Association property shall not be marred, marked or otherwise defaced. Neither shall any such property be removed from the pool area. Owners, guests or tenants responsible for damage to Association property will be held directly accountable.  Please return your chairs to the original position after use.

10. No unseemly conduct or actions which may tend to create disharmony in the pool area shall be permitted. Screaming, boisterous conduct, running, diving and unnecessary splashing, and the throwing of balls or other objects in the pool area will not be tolerated.

11.  Trash must be placed in proper receptacles.

12.  The pool will be closed from dusk to dawn, except in colder weather, it will be closed if the temperature is below 70 degrees Fahrenheit. (A pool cover is applied during periods below 70 degrees, usually at night).

13.  The pool may not be reserved for private parties.

14.  Dogs or other animals will not be allowed in the pool area, with the exception of service dogs, which will not be allowed in the pool itself.

15.  Guests/friends who live in the surrounding area must be accompanied by the owner/tenant.

16.  The Board may develop, post and enforce additional pool rules which may be desirable within the context of this section, subject to the approval of the scheduled events.

17.  Key cards/fobs are not to be loaned out or given to non-owners or non-tenants.  If violated, the owner’s key card will be suspended.

18.  Smoking is allowed ONLY in the designated smoking area which is at the North end of the swimming pool.  Please be considerate of non=smoker fellow swimmers.  Violators will lose pool privileges.


1.    The Clubhouse is for the use of owners/tenants and their guests. Children under sixteen (16) years of age are not permitted to use the Clubhouse except when accompanied by an owner/tenant at all times.

2.    The Clubhouse will be open every day from 6:00 AM to 10:00 PM except for special or scheduled events. The time of beginning and ending of these events or parties shall be determined by the committee involved.

3.    Entrance into the Clubhouse shall be by key card or key fob only, except for special or scheduled events. Key cards or key fobs are not to be loaned or given to non-owners or non-tenants.

4.    In case of accident a report must be completed immediately. They are found on the bulletin board outside the office and can be dropped into the suggestion box. Please also notify a board member immediately as well; phone numbers on door of office.

5.    The Association is not responsible in any manner whatsoever for the loss of, or damage to, any owner's, tenant's or guest's property.

6.    Bare feet, wet swim suits and swimming attire when uncovered are not permitted within the Main Meeting Hall, Kitchen, Exercise Room and Billiard Room areas of the Clubhouse.

7.    The Exercise Room is exclusively for the use of those who want to use the equipment. Food and beverages are not allowed. Equipment should be wiped down after use to remove perspiration, thus leaving it clean for the next person.

8.    Only Cambridge residents are allowed to use the Clubhouse bulletin board for the display of "items for sale", "handy jobs/work notices", "wanted items", etc.

9.    Dogs or other animals will not be allowed in the Clubhouse or on the surrounding grounds of the Clubhouse. The only exception is service dogs..

10.  Individual members may request the private use of the Clubhouse, on dates which do not conflict with regularly scheduled activities or events, subject to the following procedure:

a.    Requests must be made in writing to the Entertainment/Clubhouse Director fourteen (14) days in advance, stating the date, time period, involved, type of gathering, specific facilities to be used and approximate number of guests.

b.    A security deposit of $250 must be posted with the Entertainment/Clubhouse Director. This may be in the form of a check, which will be held and not cashed, pending inspection of the facilities by the Director in charge of the Clubhouse. Upon his/her approval that the facility has been left in a clean and orderly condition, the check will be returned.  There is a non-refundable charge of $100.00 for the use of the stove/oven in the kitchen.

c.    Upon approval of the initial request, the secretary will make a reservation notice and give it to the Clubhouse Director to be posted on both main association doors and bulletin board 3 days prior to the reserved date.

11.  All committees or groups are responsible for the operation and care of their      specific equipment, i.e., kitchen, art, shuffleboard,etc.

12.  Do check windows, doors, inside lights and air/heat units before leaving the premises on the closing of the building. Unnecessary running of the lights and air/heat units, and open doors and windows are cost-inflating and poor security practices.

13. The Clubhouse shall be a "smoke-free" facility. The smoking of cigarettes, cigars, pipes or any other substance which emits smoke is strictly prohibited. Violators will be warned once and then asked to leave the facility. Should legal action to compel compliance with this rule be necessary, the prevailing party in such action shall be entitled to recover its attorney's fees and costs incurred therein.

14. Plastics and other insoluble materials (such as disposable sanitary napkins, paper towels, etc.) should not be flushed down the toilets.


1.    The courts are open from 6:00 AM to 10:00 PM.

2.    Do not walk on the playing surface of the courts.

3.    Do sweep the court's surface before playing.

4.    Children under eight (8) years of age are not permitted to use the courts.

5.    Children eight (8) to sixteen (16) years of age may use the courts when accompanied by an owner/member of tenant at all times who will be responsible for the equipment.

6.    All equipment must be taken from, and returned to, its proper storage place by an owner/member or tenant.

7.    Playing in any manner likely to damage equipment is not permitted.

8.    Combination for storage door lock is posted on the bulletin board outside the office door.



1.    No person under the age of sixteen (16) will be permitted to use the equipment in this room.

2.    No food or beverages are allowed in this room.

3.    All equipment must be used properly and returned to its respective storage area after use.

4.    Pool tables are to be brushed after use.

5.    Do not sit on pool tables. It damages the table edge.

6.      If others are waiting to play, do be considerate and limit your playing time.