HRSPOA Board of Directors meeting Minutes May 2, 2018

A Board of Directors meeting was held in the Cambridge Clubhouse on May 2, 2018. 42 members were present. 


The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m. by our President, Bob Souza.   There was a moment of silence and the Pledge of Allegiance.


No new members present.


Board members in attendance: Bob Souza, President,;  Judy Ricker, Secretary;  Melissa Rice, Treasurer;  Bruno Bucco, Clubhouse Director; Nelson Pole, Entertainment Director; Emerson Walker, Grounds Director.  Ed Lochner, absent.     A quorum was present.

Secretary, Judy Ricker, read the minutes of the April 18, 2018 Board of Directors meeting.  A Point of Order was brought up by a member from the audience.  The minutes were not approved due to discussion that followed.


President, Bob Souza:

·         Discussed the “Old Business” category on the agenda regarding the miscommunication by Board Members of the wording of item that was voted on; no smoking in swimming pool area versus no smoking on Cambridge common grounds.  Bob rescinded the vote from previous meeting.  Bob made motion for No Smoking in swimming pool area.  Judy Ricker seconded.  Approved unanimously by Board.

·         There is will a designated smoking area available outside of the swimming pool located in the Northwest corner.

·         Again a discussion from the floor regarding this issue.

·         Ruling by the Board remained

·         Bob thanked Kevin Linn for working on the speakers at the swimming pool.

·         Thanked all volunteers throughout the year.

·         The property on 8141 Homestead will be heading to court in the middle of May.

·         Discussion regarding the outstanding assessments.  Outstanding amount owed as of this date – less than $7,000.00.

·         Office will close for the summer starting May 14th.  Board members will be in and out of the office and can be reached either by leaving a message on the office phone and your call will be returned or calling a number posted on the door.

·         Next Board meeting will be September 19th, 2018. 


Treasurer, Melissa Rice:

·         Financials were read.

·         Discussion from the floor regarding the amount of money in accounts.  Asked about putting money into CD’s.  Explained the process of CDRS accounts.

Entertainment Director, Nelson Pole:

·         Discussed last dinner dance entertainment (Ants in his Pants). 

·         Doggie Day May 12.  $6.00 ticket.  Lunch served. 

·         Dollar General Committee met before tonight’s meeting.  Still has to be voted on by Martin County Commissioners.  Since most members of the committee will be away for the summer, looking for someone to be representative of Cambridge.

Grounds Director, Emerson Walker:

·         Martin County trucks were marking area for electrical lines.


Discussion regarding the clubhouse roof leaking.  The insurance adjuster inspected the roof.  He will be working on the claim.  When he contacts us we will then proceed. 


Discussion regarding new account number for Comcast.



Meeting adjourned 7:55 p.m.


Respectfully Submitted,

Judy Ricker, Secretary