HRSPOA Board of Directors meeting Minutes September19, 2018


A Board of Directors meeting was held in the Cambridge Clubhouse on September 19 2018. 35 members were present.


The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m. by our President, Bob Souza. There was a moment of silence and the Pledge of Allegiance.


New members introduced themselves.


Board members in attendance: Bob Souza, President; Ed Lochner, V.P.; Judy Ricker, Secretary; Melissa Rice, Treasurer; Kenny Rice, Assistant Clubhouse Director; Nelson Pole, Entertainment Director. Emerson Walker, Grounds Director, absent; Bruno Bucco, Clubhouse Director, absent. A quorum was present.

Secretary, Judy Ricker, read the minutes of the April 18, 2018 Board of Directors meeting and May 2, 2018 Board of Directors meeting. The minutes were approved unanimously.


President, Bob Souza:

         Letters will be mailed out for outstanding assessments.

         Discussion regarding property at 8141 Homestead. The property owner lost case against HRSPOA and had to pay us approximately $4397.00. We will be going to court on October 2nd for the violation of the upkeep of the property.

         Lien placed on 7737 Continental. Resident is in a nursing home. Relative only paid 1 year association fee. Now in arrears.

         Discussion regarding the condition of our ponds. We will be contacting the company that is supposed to maintain them.

         Discussion regarding sink holes. New drainage pipes to be installed by County.

         Discussion regarding drainage pipe on Saratoga Drive. Stuart Plumbing to repair within the next couple of weeks.

         Thank you to Bruno Bucco, Kenny Rice and Gary Rice for building the smoking area.

         Discussion regarding addition of e-mail addresses to the Community Corner that is sent out by Joe Chippari. Forward e-mail to Joe if you wish to receive this information.



Treasurer, Melissa Rice:

         Financials were read.

         Discussion from the floor regarding the amount of money in accounts.


V.P., Ed Lochner:

         Violation letters were sent out in May. Most people complied.

         South Martin Regional Utilities checking manholes and cleaning. Have not been cleaned in 30 years.

Entertainment Director, Nelson Pole:

         Discussed upcoming dinner dance.

         Looking for new people to help at different functions.

         Long discussion regarding Dollar General project.


Kenny Rice, Asst. Clubhouse Director:

         Discussion regarding summer projects.

         Flagpole on US1 and Constitution was sanded down and repainted. All new hardware was installed.

         New gates in front of dumpster.

         Smoking area had to be leveled with sand and 18 x 18 blocks installed.

         Flood light installed by dumpster.

         Helen Steele and Bruce Marshall painted.



Judy Ricker spoke about the Annual Charity Fashion Show.


Discussion regarding rotten fence along golf course. We will send letter to Heritage Ridge.


Meeting adjourned 8:05 p.m.


Respectfully Submitted,

Judy Ricker, Secretary