Heritage Ridge South Property Owners Association (Cambridge)

Minutes of Meeting of the Board of Directors

January 16, 2019


Board Members Present:  Bob Souza, Ed Lochner, Melissa Rice, Judy Ricker, Bruno Bucco, Nelson Pole and Emerson Walker (Quorum achieved).  Sixty-five property owners were in attendance.

The meeting was called to order by Association President, Bob Souza at 7 PM.  A minute of silence was observed, and the pledge of allegiance was performed by attendees.   First time attendees were recognized. 

Judy Ricker, Secretary, read the minutes of the December 2018 Board of Directors meeting.  The motion was made to approve the minutes as presented, seconded and accepted.

Bob Souza, President, explained the purpose of the Board Agenda Meeting, which is held immediately prior (usually on Monday) to the Board meeting (scheduled for 3rd Wednesday of the month).  The purpose of the Agenda meeting is to provide an opportunity for all members of the Association to add topics to the Board Meeting Agenda.  All members who would like to put items on the agenda for the Board meeting are invited to attend the Agenda meeting.  These members may request to present the topic at the Board meeting.

Bob explained that there was no need for Board elections this year, as there were no candidates competing for positions.  There are four open positions; two in which the incumbents will continue and two for which two Association members applied.  The 2019 Board members would be appointed at the Annual Members Meeting, which will follow immediately upon adjournment of this Board Meeting.

Bob reported there is a need for an Association member to take over responsibility for the Crime Watch activities, which are currently conducted by Joe Chippari (who is moving out of the community).  The role of this individual (or committee) is to liaison with Martin County Sheriff’s Office and provide relevant information to the Community.  Anyone interested should get in touch with Joe to better understand the activities of this important function.

Bob reported that Libby Jensen, the editor of the C-breeze (community newsletter), will be moving and has resigned from the C-breeze editor position effective after the February issue.  Bob explained that Judy Ricker and Karen Schweitzer will be collaborating on the C-breeze to ensure it continues to provide relevant information to the community.  The audience was invited to submit articles or topics that they would like to see covered this newsletter.

Bob requested volunteers for the Violation Committee.  He explained the role of the violation committee was to review violations and conduct hearings during which owners can present their case in response to alleged violations.  There are currently 2 members on the Committee, and we need 3 or 5 members.  Anyone interested should contact Bob directly.

Ed Lochner, Vice President, reported that two fences needed to be approved; one each at 7866 Independence and 7465 Independence.   A motion was made for approval, seconded and passed.  Ed further reported that five (5) second notices of violation letters were being mailed on January 17.

Melissa Rice, Treasurer, reported on the financial statements, copies of which are attached hereto. She explained there was a processing backlog of the assessment payments, which would be caught up soon.  A motion was made to approve the financial statements, seconded and passed.

Bruno Bucco, Clubhouse Director, reported on the clubhouse.  He asked members to sign up to provide baked goods for the upcoming Flea Market in February.  The flea market would also have a 50-50 raffle.  Volunteers are needed to help with the kitchen at the Flea Market.

In response to an audience question, Bruno and Bob reported on the status of the Clubhouse roof replacement.  The roofing is complete and has passed inspection. Bob is meeting with the roofing company representative to final details completed.  The roof expense paid so far was $113,000, and there is an outstanding balance of $28,190.  $107,000 was received from insurance.

Nelson Pole, Entertainment Director, extended thanks to everyone who helped make the recent picnic a great success.  He also reported on the following events:

·         Volunteers will be selling refreshments at the Flea Market (February 23)

He negotiated reduced payment for cancelled New Year’s Eve event 

·         The Dinner Dance on January 19 has sold 50 tickets

·         January 30 there is a Meet & Greet new neighbors

·         February 3 breakfast has been extended to 10:30 (rather than 10).

·         February 16 Dinner Dance will have entertainment by Roger & Jennifer and Italian dinner


Emerson Walker, Grounds Direction, reported everything was okay.

Other Business:

One member asked who to contact when there was an irrigation problem on common grounds along Constitution or near the clubhouse.  He was advised to contact any Board member, at the office (in person or by phone) or directly by phone (directory).

Congratulations were extended to newly married couples.

It was report that the Travel Club is now lead by Deborah Wilde.  There is a meeting January 17 at 2:30 for anyone who would like to help with the club.

The fashion show will be on March 23.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:50 PM


Minutes approved at February 20, 2019 Board Meeting