Heritage Ridge South Property Owners Association (Cambridge)

Minutes of Meeting of the Board of Directors

April 17, 2019


Board Members Present:†† Bob Souza, President; Ed Lochner, Vice President; Melissa Rice, Treasurer; Bruno Bucco, Clubhouse; John OíConner, Grounds; Nelson Pole, Entertainment, and Karen Schweitzer, Secretary. A quorum was present.Forty two (49) property owners were in attendance.

The meeting was called to order by Bob Souza, President at 7 PM.A minute of silence was observed, and the pledge of allegiance was performed by attendees.

The Secretary read the minutes of the March 20, 2019 Board meeting. A motion was made and seconded to approve the February 2019 minutes

Presidentís Report

Bob Souza presented update on following issues

         Assessments:Two in violation will be turned over to attorney for litigation.

         Resignation of Leslie Hanlon

         Appointment of Don Blaney, assistant treasurer; motioned and passed by Board unanimously

         May Board meeting to be on May 8.


Vice President Report:

Ed Lochner presented five architectural changes for approval;7496 Independence (fence); 7914 Saratoga (shutters); 7880 Shenandoah (landscaping); 7640 Shenandoah (painting) 7386 Independence (siding, windows, etc.)†† A motion was made and seconded to approve these changes.

The VP reported that 30 violation letters had been sent throughout the community, with the primary violation being failure to maintain sod.Most of the owners have indicated they are taken action to rectify the violations.

Gilda Welbes was nominated as an additional member of the Violations committee.The motion was passed unanimously.

Violations Committee will hold a hearing on May 1 relative to implementation of fines on 7635 SE Independence Avenue.

Committee to Review Covenants and Bylaws is in recess for summer and will pick up in September.The biggest issue being rules regarding rental properties.

Treasurerís report

Melissa reviewed the February 2019 Financial statements.The motion to accept the financial statement was seconded and approved.(Copies attached)

Melissa announced that due to a family medical situation it may be necessary for her to be away for 6-8 months and arrangements will need to be made for coverage.


Bruno was brought up to date on the issues with the Clubhouse air conditioning and the emergency expenses of $1800 that was required the previous week.There is no maintenance contract on the unit and members using the Clubhouse are frequently negligent in managing the thermostat.There was discussion but not action directed on a maintenance contract or a programmable (smart) thermostat.

Clubhouse cleaning contract with Joe Michaloski was presented at $1300 per month. Motion to approve and seconded was carried unanimously.

Bruno Bucco, Clubhouse Director, is working on plans and funding for getting the womenís room remodeled.

Brian Gerrior was thanked for installing safety railing for the roof.

There was a substantial discussion regarding the improvements needed for the Shuffleboard Courts and benches.†† Additional bids are required and a recommendation will be brought to the board at a later date.

Grounds Report

John OíConnor, Grounds Director, reported that he is watching the manner in which the work is being performed for the building of Dollar General and how it is affecting Cambridge sign at Constitution entrance.He will bring any recommended changes to the Board at a future date.

Entertainment Report

Nelson Pole, Entertainment Director, advised he is leaving for the summer and there will be a Pool party the first Friday in May (3rd). He hoped that year-round residents would take initiative to have get-togethers over the summer. Other activities will begin after Labor Day


Faye Bales introduced Ms. Kathleen Stacey from United Way who presented a safety program that is used by first responders throughout Martin County and distributed materials for participation by Cambridge residents.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:00 PM.

Minutes approved at May 8, 2019 Board of Directors meeting

Submitted by Karen Schweitzer, Secretary