How To Use Spybot Search and Destroy  

Install Spybot

1.      Copy and paste the following address into your address bar

2.       Click on one of the red Download Now buttons on the right side of the page

For High Speed Internet Users:  A File Download window will appear.  Click on Run.  Follow the installation wizard instructions to install.  

For Dial Up Internet Users: Click on Save and then save to your desktop.  Once downloaded, double click icon on your desktop and follow installation wizard instructions to install.

Note:  If you downloaded to your desktop, delete the icon from your desktop after installation is complete.

1.  IF Downloaded to Desktop: Double Click the icon on your Desktop or Click Run

3.  Click OK 

4.  Click Next 

5.  Click I accept the agreement, and then click Next

6.  Click Next

7.  Note:  If you had the old version installed on your PC, click Yes to the popup about the folder already existing

8.  Leave option defaults and click Next

Note:  If you are not online, the installation will fail because it connects as it installs for the updates.  Either connect to the internet now or uncheck the option in the window above for 'Download updates immediately'

9.  Leave option defaults and Click Next

10. Uncheck the two Permanent Protection items, and then click Next

11. Click Install

12. Wait for install to finish

13. Click Finish

Note: The The following steps will only appear the first time you run Spybot right after you install the program.

1.  Check the box for Don't show this message again, then click OK 

2.  Click Ignore

3.  Click Next up to 3 times

4.  Click Start using the program

5.  Click Search for Updates in the Main pane or click Update in the left pane of the main window

6.  Click Continue

7.  Click Download

8.  Once updates finish, Click OK

9.  Click Exit

Update and Immunize Spybot Search & Destroy

Note:  You need to update Spybot weekly and Immunize after updating to stay protected.

1.  If not already open, open Spybot; go to Start > Programs > Spybot - Search & Destroy > Spybot - Search & Destroy

2.  Click Update button in the lower left hand corner of the Spybot screen or Search for Updates in the right pane.          

3.  Highlight any of the sites for download, then click Continue

4.  Right click any of the updates shown and choose Select All and Click Download

5.  Program will automatically download and install the updates selected. 

6.  Click Exit once all options have been downloaded

7.  Click Immunize in the left pane

Note:  You may get the following message concerning Internet Explorer detected.  Click OK and then close all Internet Explorer windows.  Continue.

8.  If there is a number in Unprotected, Click Immunize

9.  Verify the number of Unprotected has gone to 0 (zero)

VISTA USERS ONLY - Note: You may receive a message regarding Administrator rights.  Click OK to the message and complete the following before continuing.

IMPORTANTClose Spybot - Search & Destroy before proceeding.

a.  Click Start > All Programs > Spybot - Search & Destroy, Right Click Spybot - Search & Destroy and click Properties

c.  Click the Compatibility Tab

d.  Click the Check box for "Run the Program as Administrator", Click Apply and then Click OK

e.  Restart Spybot - Search & Destroy

Run a Scan  

1.  If not already open, open Spybot; go to Start > Programs > Spybot - Search & Destroy > Spybot - Search & Destroy

2.  Click Check for problems (Or Click Search & Destroy in the left pane, then click Check for Problems)

3.  Once scan is finished, Make sure all have a check and Click Fix Selected Problems

4.  Click Yes to continue

5.  Click OK to finish

Note: Sometimes Spybot will request to run after a reboot in order to remove remaining files that are currently in use.  Click Yes if this message appears.  Spybot will run a scan before the computer restarts, do not cancel this process.  Your computer will restart when it is finished.


You are finished!!

Run the updates, immunize and the scan weekly to keep your machine free of Spyware, Malware and Adware!  

  For any questions please call 480-218-4960
or E-Mail
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