How to reset Internet Explorer

These steps must be done in this sequence to be effective.

1.       Go to Internet Explorer

2.       Go to Tools menu and click on Internet Options

3.       To save your current homepage, Right click anywhere in the blue and then click Copy

4.       Click on the Advanced tab

5.       Click on Reset

6.       Put a Check in the "Delete personal settings" box and then click Reset

7.       Click Close to exit

8.       In order for the changes to take effect, close Internet Explorer now and then reopen it to continue.

NOTE:  Upon reopening Internet Explorer, you will see that all of your menus are now gone.  Let's get them back.....

9.      Right click anywhere in the blank spot between the new tab button and the home button, then click Menu Bar

10.  Repeat number 7  for each option....Favorites Bar, Command Bar and Status Bar

11.  Now go back into Internet Options, click Tools and then Internet Options

12.  Let's put your homepage back....right click one the blue highlighted area and then click Paste

13.  Click on the Security Tab

14.  Click on "Reset all zones to default level" button at the bottom of the window (skip if option grayed out)

15.  Click on Connections tab

16.  Click on "LAN settings"

17.  Verify "Automatically detect settings" is checked and both boxes under Proxy server should be unchecked and then click OK.

18.  Click Apply and OK

19.  Now let's go to Manage add-ons, click Tools and then Manage add-ons

20.  Click the small arrow in the middle of the window labeled "Show:" and then click "All add-ons"

21.  Use the bar to the right to scroll down until you find Java

22.  Highlight one of the Java entries, click on the Enable button that will appear towards the bottom of the window

23.  Click Enable on the pop-up

Note:  You will need to repeat #9 for any other custom add-ons at this time.  Such as AdBlockPlus....etc.

24.  Click on "Search Providers" on the left side of the window

25.  Click on "Find more search providers" at the bottom of the window

26.  Scroll down to "Google Search" and click Add

27.  Uncheck "Use search suggestions from this provider" and then click Add

28.  Close the "Internet Explorer Gallery" window by clicking the red X at the top right corner

29.  Close "Manage Add-ons" by clicking close at the bottom or the red X at the top right corner

30.  Reopen Manage Add-ons by clicking Tools and then Manage add-ons

31.  Go back to Search providers, by clicking on "Search Providers" on the left side menu

32.  Highlight Google and click "Set as default" at the bottom of the window and then click "Disable suggestions"

Note:  If it shows "Enable suggestions", then do NOT click on it.

33.  Now let's remove all other providers from the list.  Highlight a provider and then click Remove at the bottom of the window

Note:  You can highlight multiple providers and remove them all at once.

34.  Last, but not least we need to clear Internet Explorer temp files.  Click on Tools and the click Internet Options.

35.  Click on Delete towards the bottom of the window

36.  Put a check in every box and then click Delete

37.  Once it is finished, you will get a banner at the bottom of the webpage stating that it is finished

That's it!  You have successfully reset Internet Explorer. We recommend that you do this at least once a month to keep your Internet running smooth & fast.

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