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Attention: Richard Gerjes

PO Box 252

Edna Texas 77957


Wedding of: 

Date of event: 

Approximate number of guests:  

Time of Wedding:     Location of Wedding: 

Time of Reception:   Location of Reception: 

Will DJ be Conducting the Wedding music? Yes  No: 

(Please note) For out of town events, DJ will set up 2 hours before guest arrive providing

the DJ starts within 1 hour, upon arrival of guests. Anything over 1 hour will be a charge.

Time of  Reception: 

Will there be a meal? Yes:No:

Will there be a blessing or prayer? Yes:No:

 Time Prayer or blessing: 

Prayer or blessing given by:   

Time serving Meal:  

Will there be Beer served?:  Yes  No  (For announcement Purposes) Will there be an open Bar?: Yes  No  (For announcement Purposes)

Will there be a toast? Yes: No:  Time:   If yes by whom:

Cake Cutting:   Please note the contract time for your photographer

Bouquet / Garter Toss:   Please note the contract time for your photographer

DJ to start:        Announcements, Introductions & etc. ( If required )

Music to start:   (Please no later than 9:00 p.m. thank you)

Dance Music to start:   (Please no later than 9:00 p.m. thank you) Please note the contract time for your photographer as well.

DJ to stop:       (Please no later than 1:00 a.m. thank you).

Total Hours DJ needs to be onsite:  do not include setup and teardown time, this is free of charge.

Total Event Balance  (Deduct deposit) Refer to original contract pricing.) NOTE: Please make check out to Richard Gerjes

4) Does the Bride and Groom wish to do the Grand March? : Yes: No:   If Yes, who will be leading the Grand March: 

Bride / Groom Song:

Title 1: Artist:   Bride and Groom to be announced as?: 

Father / Daughter song:

Title: Artist:   Dad's Name?: 

Mother / Son song:

Title: Artist:   Mom's Name?: 

Understanding that times are tentative, Texas Rhythm. will keep everything flowing so

that your reception is trouble free and entertaining for you and the guests.


Type of music to be played:

Country:  50's: 60's: 70's: 80's:  90's:   Today's:  

 Texas Country  Polka's  Waltz's 

ROCK: 50's: 60's: 70's:80's:90's:  Today's:

Hip Hop: Rap:Spanish: Tejano:  Cumbia:   Easy Listening Background Music: