WE DO NOT COLLECT OR SHARE ANY INFORMATION WITH OUTSIDE PARTIES NO CHECKS!!!!!!, CASH, VISA, OR MASTERCARD ONLY. IN GOD WE TRUST ALL OTHERS MUST PAY CASH. Please Do Not Enter The Address Into Your G.P.S. It Does Not reconize The Address And Will Take You The Wrong Way. HOURS:  WE ARE OPEN WEDNESDAY THROUGH FRIDAY FOR GROUPS OF 10 OR MORE 9AM-5PM,  AND SATURDAY AND SUNDAY  FROM 9AM-5PM, CLOSED ON MONDAYS AND TUESDAYS. STARTING NOVEMBER THE 1ST THROUGH MARCH 1ST WE WILL BE OPEN FROM 9A.M.  UNTIL 4 P.M. If you plan on Renting, We need at least a 2 week NOTICE. IT REALLY BOOKS UP FAST,  Field Paint ONLY In Rentals. Groupon Customers: Mark the Voucher Redemed, Print it out and bring it with you, Field Paint Only, Which means you can not bring Paintballs with you, You must purchase the Paintballs Here !!!!! Anyone Found With Non-Field Paintballs In Their Rental Marker You Will Be Ask To Turn  Your Equipment, IT IS FIELD PAINT ONLY IN THE RENTALS !!!!!! Contact:  Waiver:  Shop:  Links:  Airsoft:  Directions:  Pictures:  Groups & Ouchies:           Rules: & B.Y.O.P. Paintball Definition: A world wide sport where 2 teams of 3 or more play various game formats such as capture the Flag, eliminating each other by using low powered CO2 guns to mark the opponent with a .68 round thin skinned paint pellet. The "RUSH" is hunting the "MEGA RUSH" is being hunted. Paintball is the experience of a lifetime. Come by yourself, bring friends or form a team with 2-12 fellow workers or friends and compete with other teams. Paintball is Great exercise and gives an adrenaline "rush" like Nothing else on earth*** and it's inexpensive and safer that Bungie Jumping, Sky Diving, Para-Sailing, etc. Spectators are welcome, Women are great at Paintball Fun.  Who can Play? anyone and everyone. Age is no barrier [ 10 years and older ] players Include male and female from all walks of life. Strategy and Stealth are more important than Streng and Stamina. IF YOU PURCHASE YOUR MARKER FROM HERE, YOU DON'T HAVE TO PAY FIELD FOR AS LONG AS YOU OWN IT AND YOU GET LIFETIME WARRANTY IF IT EVER NEEDS WORKED ON, WE WILL WORK ON IT FREE, BUT YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY PARTS. SCHOOL SPECIALS RECEIVE 50 FREE PAINTBALLS FOR EVERY "A" ON YOUR LATEST REPORT CARD WHEN YOU RENT, YOU MUST BRING IT WITH YOU. RENTAL PACKAGES ONLY!!! RENTAL PACKAGES: ALL PERSONS MUST RENT TO GET THE DISCOUNT. 1 - 20 PERSONS $15.00 EACH 21 OR MORE IS $10.00 EACH PACKAGE INCLUDES MARKER [GUN], 100 PAINTBALLS, 90Z CO2, MASK, AND FIELD FEE COMPRESSED AIR ALL DAY COMPRESSED AIR IS $5.00, FOR 3000, & 4500 IF YOU PURCHASE A CASE OF PAINTBALLS THEN YOU GET ALL DAY COMPRESSED AIR AND FIELD FEE FREE,THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE CO2.  THE P.S.P. FIELD IS FIELD PAINT ONLY. ALL NON FIELD PRODUCTS ARE SUBJECT TO INSPECTION AND APPROVAL BEFORE THEY CAN BE USED ON THE FIELD. NO SMOKE BOMBS, PAINT GRENADES, OR ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES ARE ALLOWED ON THE PREMISES OR IN THE PARKING LOT. PROFANITY IS ALLOWED AS LONG AS NO ONE ELSE CAN HEAR IT !!!! TYLER [CLOROX] WE ARE SURE ARE GOING TO MISS YOU!!! R.I.P.