Fixed-Blade Broadhead Tuning


How To Do It

        If the broadheads are not flying the same as field points the arrow rest needs to be tuned.

        For example broadheads fly high and left of zero for field points. This tells that the broadhead tipped arrows are coming off the bow a little high and left.

        To correct first move rest to the right until broadheads are hitting straight high. Secondly move the rest down. Continue adjusting until broadheads and field points hit the same spot.

        Sights may need to be adjusted. That is fine because broadheads and field points are now hitting the same spot.


Why it works

        Arrows tipped with broadheads are much more susceptible to wind planning because 3 or more blades act as “wings”. As the arrow reaches the peak of its trajectory and begins its downward arch the wind can catch the “wings” (blades) and push it downward causing erratic flight. (Arrows drift right, left, down or even up.)

Adjusting the arrow rest usually corrects the problem.


Other notes

        As the strings/cables age and creep (stretch) this tuning may need to be repeated.

        Broadhead flight may vary from bow to bow.

        Older slower bow models do not produce as much energy thus field points and broadheads may have flown consistently. In addition variation in manufacturing tolerances of broadheads affects flight. For this reason a broadhead company like G5 is a good choice for conventional broadhead because of their high standard – accepting tolerances of no greater than .001. (We recommend the Montec or Striker models.)

        Another alternative is to shoot a mechanical broadhead that flies more like a field point. (We recommend Grim Reaper Razortip.)