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Even on holiday and when camping, very few people want to do without the luxury of a kettle. However, normal kettles are usually too big for this. A travel kettle is a practical solution - so small that it fits into any luggage, but still fulfils its purpose.

Even those who live alone and don't have much space in their apartment will benefit from a travel kettle, which also saves electricity. Campers can also use the kettle in the car, partly because of the 12 or 24V connections. A travel kettle is often particularly worthwhile for families with small children. With it baby food can be prepared easily and even in the car. It is therefore worthwhile to compare travel kettles in more detail.

WAECO MCK-750-24/N

It is especially designed for travelling, but can also be mounted on the wall or on the floor. Safety is also guaranteed by a dry boil protection and an automatic switch-off at boiling point. All in all, it is compact, fast and easy to operate. The disadvantages of this appliance are that it develops a bad smell.

The kettle is equipped with a 24V connection and is therefore also ideal for use in trucks. It holds up to 750 ml of water.

Its average power consumption is 380 Watt. Because of its small size (190mm width, 205mm height, 125mm depth) it is ideal for mobile use. A mounting kit is also included to mount it firmly to the wall and floor at home. This offers a decisive safety advantage and the kettle is not constantly in the way.

In comparison, this kettle is very easy to use. The amount of water is ideal and it heats up quickly. However, it smells strongly of plastic. Therefore, before using the kettle for the first time, you should boil water in it several times and pour it out again until the bad smell has disappeared.

The price of the kettle is reasonable.

Boiling water always and everywhere - today no problem anymore!

Severin WK3644

An alternative is the Severin WK 3644 travel water boiler. It can be operated both at 110-120V and 220-240V. The colour of the kettle with white is trendy. The heating element is covered by a stainless steel plate. The package also includes two plastic cups with spoons. The cups are available in white and grey.

This kettle convinces above all with its low price and simple operation. Unfortunately a strong smell is noticeable at the beginning and the material is not of the highest quality. The kettle has an output of 650 watts, with which up to 500ml of water can be heated. It also has an automatic steam stop and an indicator light.

Here the focus is on the practical and not necessarily the design. On the other hand, the kettle is nice and small, but still works very fast and with low power consumption. However, it is also important to boil water several times and pour it away until the smell has disappeared. Regular decalcification is also important.

This kettle can be bought for cheap on the Internet. This makes it particularly suitable for customers who do not attach importance to the appearance, but to practical equipment and price.

These two comparisons already show what is important when buying a travel kettle. While the first kettle is larger and particularly suitable for mobile use, the second is more interesting for air travel and is considerably cheaper. The size of the kettle is particularly interesting when it has to be stored in the luggage to save space.

While conventional kettles can now heat up to 1.7l of water, the maximum for travel kettles is usually 0.5l. But those who only want to make tea from time to time will not be bothered by this.

The travel water kettles are also a real alternative in terms of price. The travel water kettles are usually cheaper than a regular one. But as it is often the case, the prices differ widely. Winners in the price-performance ratio are the brands Unold and Severin in the field of travel kettles.

Nevertheless, it is usually advisable to buy an appliance from a renowned manufacturer. The higher price is often justified with better material. Because a high-quality, heat-resistant plastic is essential for a good kettle. However, they should be made of plastic, as they are much lighter than kettles made of glass or stainless steel.

Kettles of the well-known brands usually have a capacity of either 0.5 or 1 litre and a much lower wattage than normal kettles. In addition, it is usually possible to buy cheap spare parts and accessories from brand manufacturers. If you buy them in the appropriate online shop, you can also save on shipping.

You must pay attention to the following.

First of all, the device should be energy efficient. Even though it is often used infrequently, this protects the environment. Especially when the travel cooker is also used in the car, this factor is important to avoid overloading the battery. To ensure more practical use, the kettle should be cordless. This is much more practical in use.

You should also attach importance to various features that serve safety. Otherwise, accidents can occur, which often do not go off without a hitch, especially with boiling water. The additional expense usually pays for itself in the form of greater customer satisfaction. Attention! Depending on where you go on holiday, you may have to buy an adapter. Otherwise the different voltage cannot be compensated and the kettle would be unusable.

As a small checklist this can be summarized as follows:

Travel Immersion Heater

An alternative to the travel water boiler is otherwise a travel immersion heater. This is also available in a practical and small format for travelling. It is advantageous in that there is no need to take a complete container with you, thus saving more space. However, such a container must still be available in the holiday home or similar.

This container must not melt even when hot. Some travel immersion heaters, for example, are so small that they fit into a single cup. It should be noted, however, that most models are only suitable for alternating current and not for direct current.

A small checklist can also be compiled for travel immersion heaters:

So if you don't want to do without your usual cup of tea when travelling or have to prepare baby food, a travel water boiler is a good alternative. The models presented here, Dometic WAECO MCK-750-24/N PerfectKitchen kettle or Severin WK 3644 travel kettle, already offer the first possibilities. But the travel kettles definitely offer a serious alternative for singles or the price-conscious as well. However, it is also important here to pay attention not only to the price but also to quality.

The travel kettle should hold enough water and be made of high quality materials. Safety measures such as an automatic switch-off or steam stop or and wireless operation are definitely mandatory. Also a holder or an adapter for the car are important depending on use.

If a travel kettle is still too big for you, you can also use a travel immersion heater. It saves a lot of space once again. However, you should make sure that a suitable vessel is available when using it.

Boiling water always and everywhere - no problem today!

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