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Welcome to Tukr, the online career portal that brings the vast world of food industry jobs to your fingertips.

At Tukr, we understand that navigating the culinary job market can be a challenge. Whether you're an experienced chef, a budding barista, or a hospitality expert, finding the perfect job opportunity that aligns with your aspirations can be a daunting task. This is where Tukr comes in. We connect you with the most exciting, relevant, and up-to-date food industry jobs across the globe, making your job search experience smoother, simpler, and more rewarding.

Founded on a deep appreciation for the food industry and a passion for helping job seekers realize their full potential, Tukr was launched with a mission to serve as a reliable bridge between employers and potential employees in the food and hospitality sectors.

Our team is comprised of seasoned professionals with backgrounds in recruitment, hospitality, and technology. We share a common vision – to create an online platform that's not just a place to find jobs, but a space where users can learn, grow, and shape their career paths.

With Tukr, you'll not only find the best job listings in the food industry but also gain access to a treasure trove of resources – from insightful blog posts and career advice to practical tools that assist in CV building and interview preparation. We continually strive to provide a user experience that goes beyond just job hunting.

In the bustling and dynamic world of the food industry, we are your trusted partner, guiding you towards a fulfilling career path that matches your passion for food, service, and growth.

Join Tukr today. Let's cook up your dream career together.

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