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We pursue our efforts to capture the emergent properties of the brain. By emergent properties, we mean measuring the integrative mechanisms supporting brain functions.

Our working hypothesis is that functions, as we know them, emerge from the interaction between brain regions through white matter connections. 

This hypothesis has been demonstrated in healthy controls projecting the functional signal from magnetic resonance imaging onto the white matter. The same idea has been exemplified in stroke patients whose symptoms are better explained by brain disconnections than the simple location of lesions. 

Our aim is to share our theoretical approach and methods that apply to any brain question. 

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Online access to free education, scientific conference and journal club

Clinical Neuroanatomy Seminars (@CNSeminars) is hosting regular talks, debates, journal clubs and movies dedicated to the structure and function of the brain with an emphasis on clinical and translational research. Everyone is welcome to join in.

All talks are freely available from our Youtube channel to educate, engage, inspire and connect science enthusiasts around the world.

For each event, you are welcome to tweet your questions and comments to capitalise on the crowd intelligence on all hot topics.

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There is more to brain connection than the simple conduction of action potentials: list of publications


Brain Connectivity and Behaviour toolkit (Foulon et al. 2018 ) is a free and open-source software package based on open source libraries which aims to provide the scientific community with several tools to indirectly assess brain disconnections. (manual.pdf)

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The Functionnectome is a python package which apply the eponym method and combines the functional signal from distant voxels of the classical fMRI 4D volume using their probabilistic structural relationship given by anatomical priors of the involved brain circuits.

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Submit to our peer-review journal Brain Structure & Function (IF = 3.7). 

Our journal welcomes original research leading to significant advances in understanding brain structure-function relationships. The relationship between structure and function can be explored at different levels from individual cells to networks and using various models from animals to humans.

Disconnectome Symptoms Discoverer

The disconnectome symptoms discoverer is an online web app that predicts 1-year expected neuropsychological scores after a stroke based on individual disconnectome maps.

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An event reuniting brain mappers from HIC and LMIC

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No complex system can be understood except through careful analysis; however, the interactions of the components must be considered as much as the properties of the isolated components (Ernst Mayr 2004)


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