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pick n mix sweets

Depending on which size pouch you choose, you have the option to select between 6 and 20 sweets from this list here to build your own pick and mix pouch. The bag will contain approximately the same amount of candy by weight, 50g each choice, and all ready to be enjoyed!

Contact the company if you are unsure if a candy is gluten-free. Many people will be happy to answer your questions.

Pick-and mix sweets are a great way of reliving childhood memories. There are many options available, from traditional rhubarb & custard to fizzy Dracula and sherbet citrus flavours. The UK even has a website that allows you to order these sweets at your home.

Make sure you choose a site that features high-quality brands. Also, you should look for sites that offer regular discounts and special offers. Many sites offer free shipping if you buy a certain number of sweets.

Pick and mix sweets are a staple of any candy store or convenience store. They offer a wide variety of options for customers to choose from, and are a great way to satisfy a sweet tooth. Some of the most popular pick and mix sweets include gummi bears, sour worms, milk chocolate raisins, yogurt covered pretzels, gummy rings, fizzy cola bottles, peanut butter cups, hard candy, candy corn, chocolate covered almonds, fruity lollipops, liquorice twists, candy-coated chocolate buttons, gummy worms, caramel popcorn, chocolate-covered peanuts, sour gummy worms, sour patch kids, and chocolate-covered raisins.

Made with Fair Trade chocolate ethically sourced. Topped off with real fruits, nuts caramels and other delicious ingredients.

Our Pick and Mix Shop prides itself on providing outstanding customer service. As candy enthusiasts, we wanted to make sure you get the best Candy online.

Pick 'n Mix lovers can now get them delivered to their door. This is a great option for Christmas and birthdays. Pick n Mix delivers sweets to your door. You can personalize your delivery with a candy bag that includes your favourite candies, and a note with a message. A selection of the finest vegan pick n-mix candy is also available.

pick a mix sweets

pick a mix sweets

Pick and mix sweets, also known as self-service candy, have been a popular tradition in the United Kingdom for many years. The concept of pick n mix sweets is simple: customers are able to choose from a variety of different candies, and pay for them by weight. This allows customers to create their own unique combinations of sweets, and to purchase only the amount that they want.

The Vegan Sweets Cafe is a great place to find healthy treats. The confectionery company has a wide selection of vegan sweets, fudge, and other treats. You can also find gluten-free sweets on the website.

Vegan Candy Collections offers healthy treats. The company also offers vegan sweets and fudge. This website also has gluten-free sweets.

Candy Collections pick and mix

Pick and Mix is a classic sweet treat that is still delicious. Pick and mix comes in a variety of flavours that can be enjoyed by all members of the family. Pick and mix hampers can be made with different combinations of sweets.

To avoid gluten, the most important reason to buy gluten-free pick-and-mix is obvious. A gluten-free diet can reduce your chance of developing celiac. In addition, it's good for your digestive system. It is suitable for everyone, so whether you're shopping for someone you love with gluten sensitivities (or for yourself), you will find something.

Pick and Mix, while not a new concept in the food industry, has gained popularity only recently. The recession is one of the main reasons. The recession has caused a shortage of work and people seek out something to occupy their free time.

Candy Collections pick and mix
liquorice twists
liquorice twists

There are many flavours to choose from: Milk, white and dark, assorted (milk/white/dark), Sea Salt Caramels, Cappuccinos, Cocoa Dusted Truffles, Strawberry, Rum, Raspberry Cheesecake, Unicorn (candy coated).

An additional reason to order sweets online is your ability to personalise it. Your sweets can also be shipped in a customized pouch. A pick-and mix pouch makes a great gift for a friend or relative. It is ideal for Christmas or birthdays.

sour patch kids

It is easy to find gluten-free pick-and mix if one just looks. It's possible to enjoy many different treats from different manufacturers, like Wrigley, Just Born, and others.

Did you find something you love and want to make it even more your own? There is good news! Candy Collections has a wide range of personalised and made-to-order products.

sour patch kids

Frequently Asked Questions

We are looking into this range and should hopefully have Halal certified products available shortly.

Yes! We have sweet selections which are vegan and gluten free.

Yes, you can see a full list of ingredients on our website

Our sweets are supplied in resealable bags, and will keep for at least 6 months

Yes. We offer Klarna pay in 30 days and 3 pay.