Introduction to working with the Factory SDK


The factory repository contains the following important files and directories:

  • bin: Symlinks to variables tools and utilities within the factory source.
  • build: A temporary directory used when building the factory SDK.
  • Makefile: Used to build the factory code and documentation.
  • py: Python source. The “root” of this source tree is the cros.factory module, so for instance the module cros.factory.system.board would be found in the py/system/board directory.
  • py_pkg: A directory that is used as the PYTHONPATH entry to include the factory source. py_pkg/cros/factory is simply a symlink to the py directory, so when Python searches for (e.g.) the cros.factory.system.board module, it will find it in py_pkg/cros/factory/system/ (which points to py/system/
  • sh: Shell scripts.
  • test_lists: Old-style test lists. (New test lists are simply code in the cros.factory.test.test_lists module. See Declaring test lists.)


Make targets include:

  • default: Builds the factory test harness.
  • par: Builds a par file (“Python archive”) that contains the entire source and dependent libraries, and can be used to run various tools and utilities.
  • lint: Checks the source for style violations.
  • test: Runs unit tests.
  • overlay-board: Creates a directory called overlay-{board} containing the contents of the factory source, overlayed with contents from the board overlay (e.g., in third_party/private-overlays/overlay-board-private/chromeos-board/factory-board/files). This is useful to pull in board-specific files such as test lists.
  • overlay-board-lint: Runs the overlay-board-lint target, and further runs make lint within the overlay directory.
  • overlay-board-test: Runs the overlay-board-test target, and further runs make test within the overlay directory.

In general, it is advisable to run make lint and make test before submitting code. There are presubmit checks to enforce this.

If you are working on board overlays, it is also a good idea to run make overlay-board-lint, and possibly make overlay-board-test, to verify that any files you have changed in the board overlay are syntatically correct and have no style violations.

Coding style

Make sure to follow the Chromium Python Style Guide.

In the factory repository, we also try to follow the Google Python Style Guide as much as possible. If there is a conflict between the two, the Chromium Python Style Guide wins.

Unit testing

Source files with filenames ending in are considered to be unit tests. All such tests are run by the test Makefile target (make test).

You can put unit tests in the board overlay as well; these tests can be run by make overlay-board-test.

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