A factory test to test the functionality of touchpad.


A touchpad test for touching, clicking, and multi-contact.

Test Procedure

  1. Take off all your fingers from the touchpad.
  2. Press spacebar to start.
  3. Touch all x_segments * y_segments areas of touchpad with one finger. The corresponding regions in screen will become green once you touch them.
  4. Scroll up and down with two fingers to make all cells in the right side of screen green.
  5. Click left-top, right-top, left-bottom, and right-bottom corner of touchpad with one finger for number_to_quadrant times.
  6. Click anywhere of touchpad with one finger until you have already done that number_to_click times.
  7. Click anywhere of touchpad with two fingers for number_to_click times.

If you don’t pass the test in timeout_secs seconds, the test will fail.


  • Based on Linux evdev.


To test touchpad with default parameters, add this in test list:

  "pytest_name": "touchpad"

If you want to change the time limit to 100 seconds:

  "pytest_name": "touchpad",
  "args": {
    "timeout_secs": 100

Test Arguments

Name Type Description
device_filter int, str, None (optional; default: None) Touchpad input event id or evdev name. The test will probe for event id if it is not given.
timeout_secs int (optional; default: 20) Timeout for the test.
number_to_click int (optional; default: 10) Target number to click.
number_to_quadrant int (optional; default: 3) Target number to click for each quadrant.
x_segments int (optional; default: 5) Number of X axis segments to test.
y_segments int (optional; default: 5) Number of Y axis segments to test.

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