List of Factory Tests (pytests)ΒΆ

This document describes all tests available throughout the factory code.

pytest name description
ac_power A test to ensure the power type and status of device under test.
accelerometers A factory test for reading accelerometers
accelerometers_calibration A factory test for accelerometers calibration.
accelerometers_lid_angle This is a lid angle test based on accelerometers.
audio Tests audio playback.
audio_basic Test basic audio record and playback.
audio_diagnostic Tests to manually test audio playback and record quality.
audio_loop A factory test for the audio function.
audio_quality Audio Quality Test the use audio fixture.
backlight Test display backlight.
bad_blocks Tests a storage device by running the badblocks command.
battery A test to check if DUT can communicate with battery.
battery_basic A basic battery test.
battery_current A factory test to test battery charging/discharging current.
battery_cycle This test cycles the battery.
battery_sysfs A hardware test for checking battery existence and its basic status.
bft_fixture A generic interface to control the BFT fixture.
blocking_charge Test that waits the battery to be charged to specific level.
bluetooth A factory test to verify the functionality of bluetooth device.
bluetooth_host Station-based Bluetooth scan and pair test, using hciconfig and hcitool.
brightness.brightness This is a factory test to check the brightness of LCD backlight or LEDs.
brightness.lcd_backlight This is a factory test to check the functionality of LCD backlight module.
brightness.led_brightness This is a factory test to check the LED brightness.
button Tests button functionality.
buzzer This is a buzzer test.
camera Fixtureless camera test.
cellular_switch_firmware A factory test for switching the modem’s firmware.
chameleon A factory test that utilizes Chameleon to do automated display testing.
charger Test that charger can charge/discharge battery for certain amount of change within certain time under certain load.
check_cr50_board_id Check the board ID of the Cr50 firmware.
check_image_version Check release or test OS image version on internal storage.
check_serial_number Checks if serial number is set correctly on a device.
compass Compass test which requires operator place the DUT heading north and south.
countdown A count down monitor for better user interface in run-in tests.
cr50_write_whitelabel_flags Write cr50 whitelabel flags if this is a whitelabel device.
display Test display functionailty.
display_images A factory test to test the function of display.
display_point A factory test to test the function of display panel using some points.
dsm_calibration A factory test to calibrate speaker.
ethernet A factory test for basic ethernet connectivity.
exec_python A test to run arbitrary python scripts.
exec_shell A test to invoke a list of shell commands.
external_display Test external display with optional audio playback test.
factory_state A pytest helps you control FactoryStateLayer
fan_speed A factory test to ensure the functionality of CPU fan.
fastboot_flash Runs fastboot flash to update images on the device.
finalize The finalize test is the last step before DUT switching to release image.
fingerprint_mcu A factory test for the Fingerprint sensor.
flash_netboot Flash system main (AP) firmware to netboot firmware.
gps Allows testing and verification of GPS chips on Android DUTs.
gyroscope A factory test for gyroscopes.
gyroscope_calibration A factory test for gyroscopes calibration.
hwid Uses HWID v3 to generate, encode, and verify the device’s HWID.
interrupt Tests if an interrupt’s count is larger than expected.
keyboard Tests keyboard functionality.
keyboard_backlight This is a factory test to test keyboard backlight.
keyboard_smt Tests keyboard pin connectivity in SMT factory test.
led Uses ectool to control the onboard LED light, and lets either operator or SMT fixture confirm LED functionality.
lid_switch Tests lid switch functionality.
light_sensor A factory test for ambient light sensor.
light_sensor_calibration Calibration test for light sensor (a chamber is needed).
lightbar Factory test for lightbar on A case.
line_check_item A factory test to interactively check a sequence of shell commands on DUT.
lte_verify_config Verifies the LTE module config.
memory_size Test if the memory size is correctly written in the firmware.
message Displays a message.
model_sku A test to confirm and set SKU information.
modem_security Verify and close modem access authority.
mrc_cache A factory test to initiate and verify recovery mode memory re-train process.
network_setup.network_setup A pytest to wait operators setup network connection.
nop An no-op test.
offline_test.offline_test No test-level description available for pytest offline_test.offline_test. No test-level description available for pytest No test-level description available for pytest
partition_table Checks that the partition table extends nearly to the end of the storage device.
pd_fw_min_version Check firmware version of PD (TCPC) chip equal to or larger than minimum version noted in corresponding EC driver.
ping_test Ping connection test.
plankton_cc2_pull_test Plankton USB type-C CC2 function test for Whale fixture.
plankton_cc_flip_check USB type-C CC line polarity check and operation flip test w/ Plankton-Raiden.
plankton_charge Test USB type-C port charging function with Plankton-Raiden board.
plankton_display Tests USB type-C DP function with Plankton-Raiden, which links/unlinks DUT USB type-C port to DP sink. And with Plankton-HDMI as DP sunk to capture DP output to verify.
power_under_stress No test-level description available for pytest power_under_stress.
probe.probe A factory test to check if the components can be probed successfully or not.
probe_cellular_info Probes information from ‘modem status’.
probe_sim Probes SIM card information from ‘modem status’.
probe_sim_card_tray Probes SIM card tray
read_device_data_from_vpd Setup device data from VPD (Vital Product Data).
removable_storage Tests accessing to a removable storage.
retrieve_config Retrieve JSON config file from either an USB stick or a factory server.
retrieve_parameter Retrieve parameter files from factory server.
rf_graphyte.rf_graphyte Tests RF chip’s transmitting and receiving capabilities using Graphyte.
robot_movement Control a robot to move a device for testing specific sensors.
sample_customized_test This is the sample code of a board specific test.
sar_proximity_sensor A test to check if the SAR proximity sensor triggers events properly.
scan Prompts the operator to input a string of data.
select_for_sampling Decide if this device is selected for certain sampling tests.
serial_echo Checks the communication between DUT and SMT test fixture.
shopfloor_service Invoke remote procedure call for interaction with shopfloor backend.
shutdown Shutdown/Reboot the device.
spatial_sensor_calibration Perform calibration on spatial sensors
start A test to make sure everything is set for the following test in test list.
station_entry Starts or ends a station-based test.
station_setup Setup a station for station-based test.
storage_simple_stress Performs consecutive read/write operations on a single file.
stressapptest A test to stress CPU, memory and disk.
stylus Test stylus functionality.
summary Displays a status summary for all tests in the current section.
suspend_resume Suspend and resume device with given cycles.
sync_factory_server Connect to factory server to find software updates and upload logs.
sync_time Sync the clock of DUT with the clock of station.
tablet_mode Tests that certain conditions are met when in tablet mode.
tablet_rotation Tests screen rotation through ChromeOS and accelerometer data.
thermal_load Tests thermal response under load.
thermal_sensors Test for temperature sensors control.
thermal_slope Determines how fast the processor heats/cools.
touch_device_fw_update Checks and updates touch device firmware.
touch_uniformity A factory test for checking touch uniformity.
touchpad A factory test to test the functionality of touchpad.
touchpad_hover Touchpad Hover Test.
touchscreen Tests touchscreen or stylus by drawing in any order or in spiral pattern.
touchscreen_calibration.touchscreen_calibration No test-level description available for pytest touchscreen_calibration.touchscreen_calibration.
tpm_clear_owner Requests that the firmware clear the TPM owner on the next reboot.
tpm_diagnosis Runs tpm_selftest to perform TPM self-diagnosis.
tpm_verify_ek Verifies the TPM endorsement key.
update_cr50_firmware Update Cr50 firmware.
update_device_data Updates Device Data (manually or from predefined values in test list).
update_firmware Runs chromeos-firmwareupdate to force update Main(AP)/EC/PD firmwares.
update_fpmcu_firmware Update Fingerprint MCU firmware.
update_kernel Applies new kernel to DUT (for testing).
update_sku A test to update SKU ID and FW Config to EEPROM.
urandom A factory test to stress CPU, by generating pseudo random numbers.
usb No test-level description available for pytest usb.
verify_component Verify peripheral components.
verify_root_partition Verifies the integrity of the root partition.
video_playback No test-level description available for pytest video_playback.
vswr.vswr VSWR measures the efficiency of the transmission line.
vsync VSync pin test.
wait_external_test A stub test waiting for external fixture to finish testing.
wait_fixture_ready Waits Fixture until it’s ready.
webgl_aquarium WebGL performance test that executes a set of WebGL operations.
whale_check_voltage Checks voltages.
whale_cover Checks if Whale’s cover is opened / closed.
wifi_check_calibration Checks Wifi calibration table from /sys/kernel/debug/ieee80211/phy*/ath9k/dump_eep_power.
wifi_throughput WiFi throughput test.
wireless_antenna A factory test for basic Wifi.
wireless_connect Connect to an AP.
write_device_data_to_vpd Writes device data to VPD (Vital Product Data).
write_protect_switch Verifies that the write-protect switch is on.

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