Delivety offers all-in-one Cloud-based Order Management System for Ghost Kitchens and Virtual Restaurants

Finding an efficient order management software (OMS) for cloud or virtual restaurants and fast food service providers.

Have you ever wondered how some delivery-only restaurants that utilize food delivery apps serve customers without dining halls or other amenities? As the frontiers of the digital revolution expand, the restaurant industry is undergoing enormous change, with food delivery providing a new way for people to serve a varying clientele.

On the one hand, virtual or cloud restaurants often make use of existing kitchens for their operations though they’re more present online. By slightly altering the ingredients used to make popular foods, they create new diets and offer extensive, customizable menus that can be tailored to the needs of individual customers.

Ghost or cloud kitchens, on the other hand, have an online presence and offer dine-in services, albeit in a rented or shared space or through other third-party arrangements. They operate outside of existing restaurants and do not have counterparts who manage conventional kitchen operations. 

With the ghost kitchen business model, it is much easier and less expensive for small businesses to enter the restaurant or fast food industry. The enormous capital outlay required to rent and furnish a space is avoided, and their online presence is a less expensive method of marketing their products. Due to the lower cost of setting up a cloud-based kitchen, it also reduces the risk generally associated with launching a business.

Although these cloud or virtual restaurants and fast food service providers enjoy the benefits of operating virtually and grant online orders to customers that require food delivery services, many of these ghost kitchens struggle to find an efficient order management software (OMS) that could cater to the needs of their businesses.

Delivering with Delivety

A lot of these businesses rely on self-help and their contrived platforms, including social media, to take orders and track deliveries to their clients. A business that depends on Instagram, WhatsApp, or a third-party OMS may be stalled when those platforms experience outages. Imagine what happens to such a business if its account is suspended indefinitely. 

There were no relevant software as a service (SaaS) solutions for many of the problems these delivery-only businesses experienced until Delivety rolled out a simple solution in July 2022.

Delivety is a powerful all-in-one online food ordering and delivery management system designed to help boost the efficiency of delivery operations. It provides an end-to-end solution for the management of all the different aspects of running a ghost or virtual kitchen. 

This essential business tool allows for the efficient management of all processes, from order taking to food preparation and from dish assembly to order delivery.

Although Delivety is an early minimum viable product, and new features are added each month, it can already be used as an “all-in-one” OMS and website builder for ghost kitchens and virtual restaurants. The software application has provided an all-encompassing solution for restaurant businesses’ order management software and website builder, tackling a large chunk of the problems many delivery-only restaurants currently suffer.

The all-in-one app for Ghost Restaurants

The platform comes with a virtual restaurant website that makes setting up a kitchen workflow efficient and seamless since it takes a couple of clicks. This feature is unique to Delivety and sets it apart from its competitors. For businesses that have multiple kitchens, the KDS feature allows for setting up multiple locations to distribute the orders. Most importantly, KDS helps minimize human error since every cook knows exactly what dishes they have to prepare, in what quantities, and when.

It also has an Order Assembly Screen, which is a unique feature on the market, and a menu builder.

The app has included an ordering website builder with enterprise-grade features like branding and customization tools, multiple payment methods, multiple delivery zones, an AI-powered recommendation engine, promotion management (discounts, “Buy one, get one free”, etc.), and blogging features like landing pages and Search Engine Optimisation functionality.

Businesses with multiple brands and/or websites can tap into the Domains feature in the Delivety admin panel. With this feature, they can easily create individual domains for all of their brands or websites. Each domain represents a separate entity, complete with its unique users, locations, and types of dishes.

In addition to this, the app’s Operator/Dispatcher Dashboard comes with customer relationship management (CRM) functionality. It has a recipe editor and recipe viewer accessible directly from the kitchen screens of KDS. Business owners and other users can also handle transaction management, data export tools, and courier management.

New features each month

Delivety is working on other features that users can expect to be added soon, including an AI-powered last-mile logistics dashboard, point of sale (POS) integrations, third-party delivery platforms integrations, inventory management, as well as more CRM and enterprise resource planning (ERP) functionality.

Customer retention is important to the survival of businesses. While Delivety allows for customer feedback, its report and analytics feature ensures that business operators understand the behavior of their customers. It also helps to identify and rectify clogs in the workflow, while helping in making informed decisions based on verifiable data collected. 

Although Delivety can be used by a range of businesses, it targets a specific niche for a fast-growing market of Ghost Kitchens and Virtual Restaurants businesses. It also offers reasonable pricing of $49/month for the solution that works on any device, including phones. To top this off, it offers a one-month free trial on its paid plan, as well as a forever free Basic plan for food-delivery business startups with a volume under 300 orders every month.

It allows multiple kitchen locations in any paid plan, a feature that is very crucial for Ghost Kitchens and Virtual Restaurants. The Delivety app also allows multiple brands per user, making it an all-in-one solution for small business owners.

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