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I bumped into Sue and Art Wachowski on the miniature painting list on Yahoo Groups. I met them in person at the 2002 GenCon Paint and Take table. This year, I volunteered to help, and documented the whole thing with my trusty camera.

Art and Sue are die-hard gamers and miniature enthusiasts. Owners of a chicago area game store, Be A Gamer, they work hard to promote the gaming hobby.

A few years ago, when it seemed the famed GenCon miniature painting contest was about to die, Sue and Art stepped in to help. They've organized painting contests not only at GenCon, but other cons as well. And their "Paint and Take" table has proved very popular at every con it's been to, giving everyone a chance to sit down, and paint. With knowledgable help from Art, Sue, and other diehard miniature painters, it's become a smashing success!

This CD is my first attempt at documenting my GenCon experience in a organized form. Expect some rough edges, and maybe some holes in coverage, but there are many good things inside. And photography is like miniature painting or any other skill, practice makes perfect.

Conventional miniatures are far from dead. If this CD inspires you, then pick up a brush and get cracking! We were all newbies once...

-Daniel Joyce, 2002

[Paint And Take]
Images from the Paint and Take tables.

[Gencon Painting Competition]
Images from the famed GenCon painting Competition.

[Charity Speed Painting Competition]
Painting miniatures to raise money for a charity? Yep!

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