Real Drainlayers Auckland - Drainage company

Real Drainlayers Auckland - Drainage company

Drainage Company

Drainalyers are the original Drainalyers in Auckland. Our team handles basement flooding, performs CCTV surveys and repairs drainage systems. They also handle driveway drainage as well as clearing stormwater drainage. We are also experts in unblocking drainage systems. Our skills and knowledge will ensure that we provide efficient and effective drainage solutions. Our team will ensure that your drainage system is running smoothly and keeps your property dry.

You can get help if you are experiencing flooding in your basement. Real Drainalyers knows the frustration, stress, and anxiety that comes from a flood basement. To keep your basement safe and dry, we provide sump pump installations and effective waterproofing.

In order to prevent basement flooding, it is important that you use waterproofing techniques. Waterproofing is a specialty of our team. Our experts use the latest waterproofing methods to keep your basement dry. Our experts have the experience to make sure your basement is dry.

Installing a sump pump is also a key factor in preventing basement floods. The sump pump removes excess water to keep it out of your basement. We will have our technicians install a reliable system of sump pumps that detects water automatically and will pump it out, leaving your basement dry and safe.

Do not let your basement flood cause more damage. Real Drainalyers provides professional sump-pump installation and effective waterproofing. With our knowledge and experience, we can keep your basement protected and prevent future flooding.



CCTV Surveys

In order to assess your drainage system accurately, we conduct CCTV surveys. Real Drainalyers knows how vital it is to keep your drainage system functioning properly in order for you to avoid potential problems, like basement flooding. We use the latest technology, including CCTV, to check your interior pipes for blockages, structural damage, and leaks.

The CCTV inspection is performed by inserting a tiny, waterproof camera in your drains to take real-time videos. It allows us to inspect and detect any problems in your drainage system. We have highly skilled technicians who analyze footage to look for cracks and other problems that can affect the functionality of the pipes.

Regular CCTV surveys allow us to identify issues and resolve them before costly repairs are required or there is a major interruption. It is important to maintain your pipes in a proactive manner. This will help ensure their longevity and effectiveness.

Real Drainalyers is committed to providing accurate, transparent and timely assessments for your drainage system. With our CCTV surveys, we can give you a better understanding of how your drains are currently performing. This allows us to provide solutions that suit your needs. Our drains will always run smoothly.

Drainage Repairs

Real Drainalyers is a team of experts in the repair and maintenance of drainage systems. We use state-of-the art equipment to ensure that your system functions optimally. Our team understands the importance of routine drainage maintenance in order to prevent problems such as flooding, blockages and leaks. The technicians at our company are highly trained and can quickly identify problems with your drainage system.

Our drainage repair services are comprehensive. In order to determine the precise location of the problem, we use advanced CCTV surveys. It allows us to assess accurately the problem, and then determine the appropriate method of repair.

Our experienced team can handle a variety of drainage problems, from pipe installations to removing blockages and fixing leaks. To ensure long-lasting and efficient repairs, we use the most up to date tools and techniques. No matter if it's just a small repair, or a total overhaul of your drain system, our team is equipped to do any job.

Real Drainalyers is committed to providing the best service possible. We have a team of professionals who are dedicated to providing cost-effective and reliable drainage repairs. Our team will ensure that your drainage system is in top condition, preventing any further problems. We can help you with all of your drainage needs.

Driveway Drainage

It is essential to take into consideration the effects of proper driveway drainage on its functionality and lifespan. It is important to have effective drainage when you are working on your driveway.

The proper drainage of your driveway will help to avoid water pooling, which may cause damage over time. Insufficient drainage can cause water to seep through the foundation of your driveway, creating cracks and potholes. This can cause problems that not only impact the appearance but could also be dangerous.

For your driveway to last, you must ensure proper drainage is included during construction. The slope and grade must be carefully planned to ensure that water can flow easily away from the surface. French drains, permeable pavers, or other drainage systems can help channel water away from the surface.

It is important to maintain your driveway's functionality as well as its aesthetics. It is also important to clean debris or leaves from drainage channels and inspect for damage.

Storm Water Drain
Storm Water Drain

Stormwater drainage can prevent damage to the property foundation or surrounding areas. Real Drainalyers is aware of the need for effective stormwater control. Rainwater that flows across impervious surfaces, such as driveways, roofs, or roads, can run off and pick up pollutants. The runoff from impervious surfaces such as roofs, driveways and roads can cause significant environmental damage if it is not handled properly.

Installation of an effective stormwater drain is one of the most important aspects of managing stormwater. This system is comprised of a collection of catch basins, drains and pipes that divert and collect rainwater. Directing stormwater towards designated areas like retention ponds and infiltration basins can help reduce flooding.

Stormwater management is important for protecting the environment, as it prevents property damage. Runoff stormwaters can bring pollutants, such as pesticides, oil and fertilizers, into waterbodies nearby, creating a risk to aquatic ecosystems. Implementing effective solutions for stormwater drainage can help reduce the risks of water contamination and maintain the health of the natural environment.

Real Drainalyers is a company that specializes in designing stormwater systems tailored to your individual needs. Our expert team will analyze your property while taking into consideration local regulations, environmental factors and other relevant aspects. They then develop a plan that minimizes environmental impacts of runoff and ensures effective stormwater management. You can rely on us for reliable and sustainable services in stormwater drainage.

Real Drainlayers Auckland - Drainage company

Drain Unblocking

Real Drainalyers specializes in the unblocking of drains effectively in Auckland, NZ. As drainage maintenance is essential to the functioning of drainage systems, drain unblocking plays a vital role. Drain blockages are caused by a variety of factors.

A buildup of dirt, leaves and twigs is a common cause of blocked drains. The accumulation of these materials in drains can cause blockages over time. The accumulation of grease or fat is also a common problem. If these substances are put down the sink, they will solidify, and then stick to the pipe walls, causing a clog.

Another common reason for drain blockages is tree roots. The roots of trees can penetrate drains as they grow and damage them or cause blockages. Also, other foreign objects like toys, sanitary goods, or excess toilet tissue can contribute to blockages.

Real Drainalyers is equipped with the knowledge and expertise to restore proper water flow and unblock drains. We remove drain blockages using high-pressure water jetting.

Drain Unblocking