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Frack free bake storm

Posted by Akshey Kalra - 27th April 2016

It could have been any other day without anyone raising a voice against fracking industry or the imminent threat of Greg Clark overruling Lancashire county council’s decision to say no to the industry.

Instead, Emma Thompson and her sister Sophie occupied the field leased by a local landowner for shale gas drilling, baked some cakes and raised a media sh*t storm.

As messages of support flooded in from the people of Lancashire, and from across the UK, the sisters got down to the serious business of the baking competition.

“We are thrilled that Emma and Sophie Thompson have come here to support us. It isn’t right that the only decision we get is which is the best cake made on the site where Cuadrilla want to frack. The majority of people in the local community do not want fracking to happen here and we are reflecting years of protest. The landowner, who is leasing the land to Cuadrilla, performed a drive-by in his tractor and released a large amount of manure near the Bake Off studio. The stink was temporary – unlike the impact of fracking on this community if Cuadrilla get their way.” – Kate Styles, local cake shop owner and anti-fracking activist judging the Frack Free Bake Off

Was this an occupation, a protest, or a #BAKEOFF!

Then just as the sisters/competitors were getting their cakes ready, the local landowner helped make this a day to remember, threatening to add icing to the cake.

The show must go on – and no cakes were harmed during the incident. The people voted – both for their favourite cake and against fracking with thousands of tweets telling Greg Clark, Secretary of State, why fracking isn’t welcome here – or necessary for baking.

But this Bake Off isn’t over yet…….

Head to the #BakeOff page and let Greg Clarke know why you stand against fracking (and to watch the full Bake Off episode)

Some of the tweets from people across UK

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