Greenpeace Reaction to Charles Hendry’s Tidal Lagoon Report

Publication date: 12th January 2017

Greenpeace reaction following the appearance of Charles Hendry on BBC Radio 4 Today, talking about the viability of tidal lagoons, in which he said, “We know it absolutely works…We can start a new industry at an affordable cost to consumers”:

Greenpeace UK’s Chief Scientist, Dr Doug Parr, said:

“Tidal lagoon energy is the most reliable source of renewable energy for the UK and the Swansea Bay project is an opportunity to lead in generating clean power from Britain’s tides. Up to now, cost has been considered a barrier but the Hendry report suggests that tidal lagoons can potentially play a cost-effective role in the UK energy mix. And the government should get on with it because it could be the first of a wave of tidal lagoons across the UK, and even internationally. So we can lead the world in providing a new, renewable innovation to meet our clean energy needs. If Swansea is successful it could prove the investment case for further major projects that could potentially generate a significant chunk of the UK’s electricity needs, and help towards meeting our carbon targets, whilst creating thousands of new infrastructure jobs too.”

Media contact: Alexandra Sedgwick, Press Officer, Greenpeace UK,, 07773 043386.