Klondike-style shale oil rush in Home Counties will cost Tory MPs dear

Publication date: 23rd May 2014

Commenting on a BGS study of shale oil deposits in southern England expected to be published today, and on media reports that ministers will unveil today plans to allow fracking firms to drill under people’s homes without their permission, Greenpeace UK energy campaigner Lawrence Carter said:

“Stripping away people’s property rights while trying to kick off a Klondike-style shale oil rush in the Home Counties is a highly toxic policy mix. The Tories have just taken a bruising at the local elections – fracking will only make things worse for Tory MPs in the party’s heartlands at next year’s vote.

“Ministers are sticking two fingers up at the three quarters of Britain who are against giving frackers a free rein to drill under people’s homes. And they’re also ignoring UN scientists who have warned we must keep two thirds of known fossil fuels in the ground if we are to head off catastrophic climate change.

“Dangling larger bribes in front of communities won’t quell their deep concerns about fracking. People know very well you can’t put a price on clean air and water, unspoilt countryside, and a stable climate. Falling support for fracking shows the ‘bungs and bulldozers’ approach isn’t working. Ministers should look at more practical solutions to boost our energy security, like slashing waste and promoting clean renewable energy sources.”


Contact: Stefano Gelmini, Greenpeace UK press office, m 07506 512442