Oil bosses in “crisis talks” over BP rig protest – Greenpeace reaction

Publication date: 19th June 2019

Commenting on media reports that oil bosses have convened ‘crisis talks’ today to discuss ways to end Greenpeace’s ongoing efforts to stop a BP-operated oil rig from drilling a major oil well in the North Sea, Greenpeace UK executive director John Sauven said:

“Oil bosses should definitely hold crisis talks, and what they should discuss is the climate crisis. Instead of plotting ways to end our peaceful action, they should hammer out a plan to give their workers and the communities that depend on them a future. Because there’s no future in an oil industry that’s fuelling a climate emergency threatening millions of lives around the world.

“BP’s rig is heading for a dead end, and Scottish jobs and businesses should not be dragged along with it. Scotland’s economic future lies not in a hole at the bottom of the North Sea, but with the renewable technologies in which the nation is already a world leader. Business as usual is not an option. BP has to stop drilling for more oil and start a 180-degree pivot towards renewables.”