Trident replacement vote – Greenpeace comment

Publication date: 18th July 2016

Commenting on today’s parliamentary vote on whether or not to replace the Trident nuclear weapons system, Greenpeace UK Executive Director John Sauven said:

‘Replacing Trident is economically unjustifiable, strategically ill-conceived and morally reprehensible. To commit billions of pounds to replace a relic from the Cold War is not just a ludicrous folly, it’s also incredibly dangerous. If Britain declares that we need nuclear weapons for our security, then who are we to tell others not to do the same? We know where that road leads.

‘The only thing nuclear weapons deter is our money being used to tackle genuine threats like climate change and biodiversity loss. If we spent a fraction of the billions earmarked for Trident’s successor on flood defences and renewable energy, we could flood-proof Britain, reduce the carbon emissions which are driving extreme weather and create thousands of green jobs. That’s what real security for our country and our planet looks like.’

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