Greenpeace launch of “live” fracking report

Publication date: 16th December 2013

Fracking for natural gas in Pennsylvania
Fracking for natural gas in Pennsylvania

Fracking – three years ago most people hadn’t even heard of it. Today it’s in our papers, our politics and potentially our backyards. The pro-frackers accuse the anti-frackers of misinformation and vice versa. Figures about well numbers, truck movements, jobs and revenue tend to vary wildly. No one has yet gone back and done an assessment of all the evidence. Until now.

Greenpeace has today launched a new publication – “Fracking, What’s the Evidence?” –collating evidence from around the world to produce an overview of the fracking picture. From water pollution, to gas flares, to seismic activity to property prices, the report takes an indepth look at what fracking involves, and the key social and environmental risks that should be taken into consideration as the UK Government attempts to open England up to this new form of extreme energy.

But this report is not a standard, static document. We’re encouraging readers to view it as a “living document”, which will regularly be updated as new findings are made public. Each new version will be updated numerically; the version launched today is 1.0 (November 2013).

Readers are encouraged to get in touch if they feel there is evidence missing or if they have a significantly different interpretation of the evidence presented.Email: You can download a PDF here or see it as google doc.

Download the report: