The League Table

Which tuna brands are worst for people, planet and oceans?

See how we rank them here


John West

  • They promised 100% sustainable tuna by 2016 – so far they’ve managed 2%. They show little intention to change.
  • John West’s owners, Thai Union, have been linked to human rights abuses in their seafood supply chains
  • They must stop using unsustainable fishing methods that catch sharks, endangered turtles and other creatures




  • Score well for protecting local workers but very poor sustainability
  • They promised 100% sustainable tuna by the end of 2014. They’ve managed a measley 25%
  • Continue to use unsustainable methods to catch tuna, which also kill all kinds of other creatures in their nets





  • Lidl’s tuna is not good for the oceans -– nearly 80% is caught using destructive fishing methods
  • They should commit to sourcing tuna using only sustainable fishing methods
  • On the positive, Lidl has good sea to shelf traceability




The Cooperative

  • Could be worse, should be better
  • Their tuna is 100% sustainably caught – which is great!
  • They must strengthen their policies to avoid illegally caught fish and the treatment of workers





  • 100% sustainably caught…but could do more to improve
  • Policies to avoid illegally caught tuna and overfished stocks should be formalised
  • Could do more to promote the most sustainable choices in stores





  • Improvements being made but could do better
  • Recently met their promise to source 100% tuna using sustainable fishing methods
  • Could do more to avoid overfished stocks





  • Strong new entrant to the league table
  • Their own brand is 100% sustainably caught which minimises harm to the oceans
  • They say “sourcing fish in a responsible way is really important to us”





  • Huge progress made all round since last league table
  • 100% pole- and- line caught tuna
  • Good traceability of tuna from sea to shelf and strong policies to avoid illegally caught fish
  • They say “we want to ensure that our customers can buy seafood that is both sustainable and affordable”




  • Top #JustTuna brand – other brands need to follow their lead
  • 100% pole-and-line caught tuna with strong sustainability policies
  • Tuna is sourced fairly meaning local workers and communities are protected
  • They say – “We hope further progress can be made within the sector to make our oceans safer for marine species”




Marks & Spencer

  • Top #JustTuna brand – other companies should follow their lead.
  • 100% sustainably caught using pole-and-line method and strong sea to shelf traceability
  • On sustainable tuna they say – “the future of the world’s fisheries depends on it”





  • A go to #JustTuna brand – other companies should follow their lead
  • Tuna is 100% sustainably caught and Waitrose is dedicated to ensuring it is fairly caught
  • They say “Sustainability is at the very heart of what we do”