Flour Power downloads


Here you can download pdf versions of the fundraising guide and Our Little Recipe Book. These are optimised for reading on screen so if you want to print them you may need to adjust your printer settings. If you would like to get them sent to you by post please contact the Supporter Services team on 020 7865 8236 or supporter.uk@greenpeace.org.


 Fundraising guide Our Little Recipe Book


Here are some goodies to help you with your event. Labels are optimised for Avery labels with the code L7160, but the file is editable if you want to use different labels.


Invitations Labels Poster – black/white design 1
Poster – black/white design 2 Poster – colour design 1 Poster – colour design 2

Special resources for Pancake Day

We’ve produced these goodies for Pancake Day – you can also use the stencils for decorating other things like cakes or pies.


Pancake Day guide Rainbow Warrior
pancake stencil
Pancake Stencil

Be a Rainbow Warrior

If you’re doing your event to help support our ships you can use these items.


 Rainbow Warrior leaflet Rainbow Warrior labels

Other bits and pieces

If you would like to order paper versions of the Flour Power materials please use the resource order form.

Once you’ve had your event, you can use the Paying-In Form to return your money.