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Alan Rawlinson

Alan Rawlinson

After travelling around, I stumbled on a teaching job in a remote Kenyan village. I then did a degree in Ecology in Leeds. I have now taught in Leeds Primary schools for over 25 years.

It was these travel experiences that gave me a passion for social justice and caring for our fragile planet – knowing the effect that climate change will have on the most marginalised people of the world.

8 years ago, I became actively involved in Greenpeace and as a Greenspeaker, I have spoken to a wide range of audiences from KS1 assemblies to University students to Third Age clubs.

Based in: Leeds (because of being teacher I am unfortunately only able to deliver talks in evening and weekends)
Topics of interest: Any, but in particular climate change and plastics


Mike Nutt

Mike Nutt

I have spent most of my working life as a GP in the NHS, but also including time working as a volunteer doctor in Africa, and closer to home, driving a delivery van for a wholefood company.

I see the natural world with its incredible beauty and biodiversity as a God-given gift to humanity, and it frustrates and saddens me greatly when I continue to hear news of our persistent abuse and degradation of our amazing planet and the other living creatures with whom we share it.

Greenpeace has a great track record of both highlighting and standing up to this stupidity, so I am proud to swell the ranks and help more, now I have moved to semi-retirement and have the time to do so.

Based in: Sheffield
Topics of interest: Any


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