Internships at Greenpeace

Priya completed her internship in the Campaigns Unit in 2017

We understand it is often difficult to get a foot on the career ladder within the environmental sector. Job requirements in this sector can be quite specific, and there is often no textbook training.

To help people prepare for a career within the sector we offer paid internships each year within our London office. We hope our structured internship programmes will help give an insight into what working in the sector can be like and provide an opportunity to develop valuable skills and experience. Although we can make no guarantees that work will become available here at Greenpeace UK following completion of your internship, we hope the experience will increase your employability and open up further opportunities for you.

We hope Greenpeace internships will provide interns with: 

  • an insight into working in the environmental sector
  • the chance to make a real contribution to Greenpeace
  • hands on experience workplace skills
  • the opportunity to develop both personally and professionally

During 2018, we are continuing our partnership with two organisations, the Windsor Fellowship and Creative Access, in order to successfully recruit our interns. Their aims and core values are closely aligned to our own and we are excited to continue working with them during 2018.

Please note we are currently only accepting applications for our internships through either the Windsor Fellowship or Creative Access. We will not be advertising our internship opportunities through our careers site.

Internships will be based in our London office during normal office hours, Monday to Friday. These opportunities will be full time for six months or part-time, where the equivalent number of hours is spread over a longer duration. Interns will need to be able to commit to the full duration of the internship.

Interns will be paid the London Living Wage £10.20 per hour and will be entitled to paid holiday, sick pay and are eligible to join the Greenpeace pension scheme. Lunch and travel expenses within London will not be covered. Please note that Greenpeace are unable to cover the costs of travel or relocation to London to take part in our internship programmes. We are unable to provide help with finding or funding accommodation for the duration of the internship programme.

For further information about working for Greenpeace UK please visit our careers site.

You may also wish to contact our other offices regarding internships which they may have available: Greenpeace offices worldwide.