Genisys  Genisys API 1.9.3
A server software for Minecraft: Pocket Edition with many features

Feature-rich server software for Minecraft: Pocket Edition & Windows 10 Edition Beta

NOTICE: 0.16 IS NOT SUPPORTED YET. Read #1807 for further information.


Genisys is a server software based on PocketMine-MP with extended functionality. Most of the original code was written by PocketMine Team.
Some of the extended functionality that Genisys offers:

  • Extended API for plugins (GeniAPI)
  • Synapse Client support
  • Optional Xbox Live authentication
  • Support for Windows 10 Edition Beta

However, Genisys still has a long way to go. We welcome contributions.

Help & Support

If you have an issue, please make sure to check the FAQs page before opening any issues. We are constantly fixing issues and are continuously updating, so please also ensure that you are up-to-date before opening any issues.


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NOTE: The master branch is the only officially supported branch. All other branches are in testing and may be unstable. Do not use builds from other branches unless you are sure you understand the risks.




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