Boat LED navigation lights are waterproof, so they can resist water and strong wind. To provide broad illumination and reduce the risk of blind spots, they can be angled at 225 degrees. These lights also consume less power than traditional halogen lamps. They are also made of a durable plastic material. These LED navigation lights are a great investment that will last a lifetime.

Driving at night is hard work, but operating a vessel in the dark is another challenge. Inexperience can cause accidents. But even years of boating knowledge doesn't translate into a boat equipped with the most basic safety devices. A set of navigation lighting can bring marine fun to nighttime. Nothing looks quite the same at night.

Driving at night can be difficult, but operating your vessel at night is something entirely different. An accident can be caused by a lack of skills. However, even years of experience in boating won't matter if the boat doesn't come with the necessary safety devices, the most important being navigation lights. You can extend your marine adventure to nighttime with a set navigation lights. It will make it look different at night than it does during daylight.

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LED lights use far less power than incandescent bulbs and are more efficient. While traditional 2-navigable mile (nm), 2A incandescent anchor lamps drew about 1A, modern LED anchor lights only draw about.1A. This represents a 90 percent decrease in power draw.

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Your boat's navigation lights will get wet. This is why all our lights are waterproof and designed to last many years. All-round lighting is made of aluminum and stainless steel, with impact-resistant plastic housings. Other lights can be corrosion- and ultraviolet-resistant. To learn more about choosing navigation lights, see our West Advisor article Navigation Light Rules. You can always find themarineking associates at a local store. Defender offers you the lowest price on marine-grade navigation lights from any vendor.