Where to Buy Natures Smile

Natures Smile

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Where to Buy Natures Smile

Gums with gum disease can be greatly helped by the use of salt water. Inflammation, discomfort, and bacterial growth in the mouth and gums can all be treated with salt water. Fighting a gum infection can be accomplished by rinsing with salt water two to three times daily.

5 Natural Treatments for Receding Gums

Rinse with salt water.
Use saltwater as an excellent, all-natural oral rinse.
Consume green tea
Try oil pulling, rinsing with hydrogen peroxide, and maintaining excellent oral hygiene. 

The best defense against receding gums is periodic dental checkups and appropriate oral hygiene practices.
To keep your gums and teeth healthy, brush for two minutes, twice day, with fluoride-free toothpaste or a daily gum health toothpaste-like Nature's Smile.