Are photo booths thriving in covid?

The Covid pandemic was as unexpected as it was devastating. Within months, life as we knew it evaporated, and everyone was forced to adjust to a new normal. But lifestyle was not the only thing the pandemic affected.

Reports have shown that the Covid pandemic was particularly hard on business; photo booth rentals were not exempted. As gatherings were banned and everyone was encouraged to isolate, bookings for phone booths slumped.

However, photo booth rentals have experienced a resurgence in the post-covid era. How did this happen? This article will analyze the data and show some strategies that phone booth rentals have used to bounce back.

Despite the hard knocks of the pandemic, photo booth rentals are still thriving. According to a study by Digital Journal, phone booth rentals are thriving and growing in the post-pandemic era.

During the pandemic, the global photo booth industry was estimated at 327 million USD but expected to grow by 11.8% from 2020 to 2027. The report also stated that the growth was steady as of 2021, and they expect it to improve in subsequent years. How did this happen?

As the lockdown protocols lessen, more people are organizing events again and demanding photo booths. Another reason for the resurgence is that photo booth rental companies have set up a series of strategies to adapt to current realities.

Are photo booths thriving in covid?

Strategies For Photo Booth Rentals To Thrive Post Covid

Photo booth rental companies have had to set up some strategies to reflect the current environment of post-Covid better. Here are three such strategies:

Strategies For Photo Booth Rentals To Thrive Post Covid

Use of Adaptive Technology

The pandemic led to the surge of adaptive technology to combat the virus's spread. Photo booth rentals were not left out of this trend; one of the ways they did this was to use online communication platforms to book clients and answer inquiries.

The Global Photo Booth Report revealed that some companies stayed afloat by investing in new technology that suited the client's needs. Some phone booth rentals have invested in one of these new technologies: the Photo Bot.

The Photo Bot is a robotic photo booth capable of moving about during an event and taking pictures of those who request it. The Bot satisfies the need for social distance and non-contact, so in its way, it makes the guests feel safe and gives them something to talk about after the event.

Excellent Customer Care and Additional Incentives

Another way phone booth rentals thrive in the post-pandemic era is by using the excellent customer care and additional incentives. Codvid-19 caused a lot of disruption for event planners, many of whom had already booked a photo booth. A lot of these customers had already paid deposits and were rightly concerned.

Photo booth rentals addressed these problems by being constantly available to take questions and reschedule bookings. Usually, rescheduling attracts an extra fee, but many rental companies choose to forgo this fee to suit their client's needs. As a result, some of these companies reported getting business via the recommendation of satisfied clients.

Photo booth rentals also provided additional incentives, like ensuring that the booths were sanitized before use, so guests could safely interact with the booths without fear of the virus. They also removed highly infection-prone features such as props for the phone booth.

Some companies even sent out vaccinated booth monitors and were alert to ensure that booths were in good working order and guests used them safely.

Are photo booths thriving in covid?
Excellent Customer Care and Additional Incentives
Strong Online Presence

The enforced isolation of the pandemic period drove many to rely more on the internet for services. Photo booth companies adapted to this trend by ensuring a solid online presence, and they did this in multiple ways.

One company reports how they constantly kept their websites and social media pages updated with fresh materials. During the pandemic, they upgraded and tested all their phone booth and ensured that potential clients were aware of that.

Others ran ads on multiple social media platforms. The goal was not to get clients but to remind the people that they hadn't shut down. Some updated their FAQs section, detailing new services and practices in the post-codvid era.

Good use of online presence ensured that phone booth companies met their customers where they were more likely to be. Many have recorded some positive reports from making an effort to retain an online presence.

Although the pandemic has been harsh on business, the phone booth rental business has thrived in the post-covid era. These companies success has been down to several strategies. Companies have kept afloat in biting times with proper adaptive technology, effective customer-centered incentives, and a consistent online presence.