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We specializes in providing valuable analytics solutions for the Web3 community. Our dedicated team of data analysts and researchers work together to deliver impactful insights in a timely manner, enabling our partners to make informed decisions backed by data.

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Our Specialization

Our firm specializes in delivering customized analytics solutions for the Web3 ecosystem, with a focus on DAOs, DeFi, Tokenomics, Grants, and Dapps. Our team of experts leverage their expertise to provide in-depth analysis, interpretation, and insights to drive growth and success in these dynamic and constantly evolving areas.


Make informed decisions in the DeFi space with Pine Analytics. Our expert team provides insights on DeFi trends, protocols, and market movements, giving you a competitive edge in this rapidly evolving ecosystem.

Boost your dApp's success with Pine Analytics. We deliver concise analytics on smart contract use and engagement, fueling strategic improvements for thriving in the decentralized ecosystem.

Gain valuable insights into your token's performance with Pine Analytics. We offer customized analytics solutions, including dashboards and tools, to monitor key performance indicators such as user activity and volume.

Gain a deeper understanding of the NFT market with Pine Analytics. Our expert analysis gives you a comprehensive overview of trends, user activity, and top players, empowering you to make informed decisions and stay ahead in the Web3 space.

Maximize the potential of your DAO with Pine Analytics. We provide data-driven observations to give you objective statistics on your ecosystem and treasury, enabling you to make informed decisions for the success of your community.

Evaluate the effectiveness of your grants program with Pine Analytics. Our data-driven approach provides comprehensive insights on trends and performance, helping you make informed decisions and optimize your grants strategy.

Our Clients

Explore the diverse range of Web3 organizations we've helped gain insight on web3 data.