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Ndovu Mkuu

Micere Mugo and the Struggle for Politics

Micere Githae Mugo: I Am Because We Are

Micere Githae Mugo:
Mother, Daughter, Sister, Friend
Public intellectual, Poet, Teacher, Mentor
Social Justice Activist, Liberation Warrior
Kenyan, African, Pan African, Human…

An invitation to celebration through
thoughtful reflection on her life, work and legacy.

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From Plastics to Plasticity


At this point in modern life, we touch plastic more than we touch our loved ones. Plastic is everywhere: it is in our air, our water, and in our soils. It is the vehicle for globalization, and the epitome of unregulated late-stage capitalism—a system that externalizes costs to people and the environment for the sake of profit.

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Moving, or Changing?

African Migration

Africa is often seen as a continent of mass displacement and migration caused by poverty and violent conflict. Influenced by media images of massive refugee flows and ‘boat migration’, and alarmist rhetoric of politicians suggesting an impending immigrant invasion, the portrayal of Africa as a ‘continent on the move’ is linked to stereotypical ideas of Africa as a continent of poverty and conflict.

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Cost of Tax Havens

Cost of Tax Havens

Tax havens collectively cost governments between $500 billion and $600 billion a year in lost corporate tax revenue, through legal and not-so-legal means. Of that lost revenue, low-income economies account for some $200 billion—a larger hit as a percentage of GDP than advanced economies and more than the $150 billion or so they receive each year in foreign development assistance. Financial flows seeking secrecy or fleeing corporate taxes seem likely to be exactly the kind that exacerbates the finance curse, worsening inequality, increasing vulnerability to crises, and dealing unquantifiable political damage as secrecy-shrouded capital infiltrates Western political systems. And as financial capital flows from poorer countries to rich-world tax havens, labour migration will follow, and these countries are left economically and politically weak to exercise their sovereignty.

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Kenya Elections 2022

Kenya Election 2022

The Constitution of Kenya requires a general election to be held on the second Tuesday in August in every fifth year, which means the next general election is scheduled for 9 August 2022. The Constitution requires that a presidential election take place at the same time as the general election. Voters will also elect members of the National Assembly, Governors, MCA’s and Senate. This edition will explore and highlight the events, the actors, possibilities and the outcomes of the 2022 elections.

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2020 - 2021 Elections in the Horn and East Africa - Part I

Horn of Africa Election Series

Elections are the most visible tenets of liberal democracy. They play a crucial role in the democratisation process of a country’s political system. In the period between November 2020 and July 2021, several countries in East Africa and the Horn have either held presidential and parliamentary elections or are scheduled to hold them. While the political landscape varies in each, there are a number of cross-cutting issues which manifest with varying impact across the region. These impact the credibility of the elections, participation by the electorate and their effectiveness as a tool for holding the powerful to account. This series examines these cross-cutting issues that will affect elections scheduled to be held in Eastern Africa, including the Horn, in the first half of 2021.

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Sankofa: Reclaiming Africa’s Early Post-Independence History

Post-Colonialisms Today

This edition introduces the series “Reclaiming Africa’s Early Post-Independence History” from Post-Colonialisms Today (PCT), a research and advocacy project of activist-intellectuals on the continent recapturing progressive thought and policies from early post-independence Africa to address contemporary development challenges.

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Somaliland Electoral Law Imperils Inclusive Representation


The 31st May 2021 elections in Somaliland are the culmination of a remarkable 30 year journey during which the nation has developed what some have called “the first indigenous modern African form of government”. The Elephant charts the country’s democratic path.

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Enter the Dragon: China’s Media War in Africa

China-Africa Relations

Sino-African relations are dynamic, non-conventional and vibrant. Yet, most analysis and news doesn’t add value and nuance to this discussion but rather maintains the usual stereotypes on what China gets out of this partnership. This edition approaches African-China relations as a vibrant, two-way dynamic in which both sides adjust to popular perception and policy initiatives emanating from the other.

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Another Country: The Cultural and Religious Struggle between Northern and Southern Kenya

Northern Frontier District

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Speak of Me as I Am: Ethiopia, Native Identities and the National Question in Africa


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