Internet marketing Experts

Although there isn’t really any objective way of measuring skill/efficiency with Calgary Internet marketing  we are confident in our ability to demonstrate with evidence that we ARE the most uncompromising and least likely to give up and settle for less. We take a certain pride & joy in having our client’s websites achieve #1 rankings for some pretty competitive terms and usurp the companies on Google with far larger marketing & advertising budgets.  You can see our company portfolio & results here!  

Web Design and More

We believe in gradually but efficiently building up the credibility of your website so that it becomes a natural authority; and doing it in a long term, balanced, careful and sustainable way. There are many reasons for this but it essentially stems from the idea that all kinds of  local SEO experts  “cheating” or “manipulation” type techniques may give great results in the short term, but tend to fall flat on their face over the long run compared to just having great content & being a natural authority online — as opposed to having hundreds of “spammy” backlinks that Google will eventually figure out how to make their algorithms ignore entirely. There is something to be said from having a “naturally successful” online  marketing presence involving social media success, good content that is linked to diversely, and a steady growth of your authority (or the # of back-links to your website). By doing things in a balanced, natural way it creates what we think of as a “trust factor” that is — your website can never really “lose” or be penalized or take a substantial hit in it’s search engine rankings because although it’s progress may be unnaturally fast — all indicators to a search engine are that it is *natural* progress. We also believe in doing things with a lot of detailed keyword & traffic analysis, competitive analysis, and a detailed plan of attack that we can change as the campaign progresses and we track the results fervently. First of all we can start brainstorming search terms & keywords based on your industry; and then use other online tools to supplement our ideas. Next step is to use SEO software to mine for data about search volume, competition, and create a detailed keyword analysis report that allows us to identify the “sweet spot search terms” that we need to be targeting – the ones with a decent search volume and low enough competition that we can most efficiently drive targeted traffic to your website… Of course, if you want to up the budget and go after the highly competitive terms we enjoy a challenge! Secondly we will begin to deeply analyse the competition for these terms. We’ll be taking a detailed look at their on-site optimization, domain age, and back-link profile. This will begin to give us an idea of how much it’s going to take to usurp them, and if they are well established with thousands of back-links from all over the internet and you are relatively brand new — it can take some time! But with a realistic, measured, consistent approach it’s very possible to get there — and still get lots of valuable traffic on the way to the front page for the most competitive terms. This question is actually very easy to answer!… we can’t tell you until we do some analysis for you as part of our free consultation. Although we would love to say “you can spend as much or as little as you’d like” or “for X amount we can get you X results”, we are willing to give you a free consultation, free research report on key search terms you want to rank for, and free proposal outlining the monthly promotional packages that would suit different targets. Unfortunately the SEO landscape is highly variable and although it may take very little effort for some niche businesses to rank well & get lots of valuable traffic, it can take tons of it to rank in markets where the competition is fierce and there are thousands of websites competing for the same terms. For most small businesses, a great website with great on-site optimization & a steady $100/month put towards link-building, content creation, and social media management will go a long way towards a pile of front-page Google rankings and all the local targeted traffic you could want… and thus increased revenues for your business. That said, for competing against much larger businesses or in extremely competitive markets; lower budgets will take a long time to get you to the front page for those competitive terms (but will still get you there) and larger budgets will allow us to put in the hours required to catch up to the competition & do creative things to drive targeted traffic to your business site.