Apple Spice Box Lunch and Catering

Box Lunch Catering

You want a quick, simple answer when you're asked to order lunch for a small group of people or everyone at a large meeting. We at Apple Spice Catering offer mouthwatering box lunches packed to the brim with everybody's favorite foods.

The best way to feed everyone on your corporate lunch catering list is with one of our box lunches. Every meal consists of homemade sandwiches, soups, and salads. Apple Spice Catering insists on using only the highest-quality ingredients. We never compromise on quality, whether it's in our deli meats and cheeses or our renowned freshly baked bread and cookies. From the very first bite to the very last bite, we guarantee your enjoyment of the meal.

Do you need another justification to value a boxed lunch that comes with everything you need? It's a secure way for food to travel from our kitchen to your establishment. Never be concerned about handling someone else's lunch or opening boxes to see what's inside. For maximum convenience and peace of mind, the recipient's name is printed on the outside of every catered box lunch.

Hot Food Catering

Hot Food Catering

More than just our renowned boxed lunches are available at Apple Spice Catering. For in-person gatherings, we also offer hot food plated catering. Trust Apple Spice to keep everyone satiated when you want to impress your staff with a meal that is prepared to perfection and tastes like it just came out of the oven.

When you want everyone at an event to have a restaurant-like experience, our plated corporate catering is a popular choice that works well. All of your guests place a preorder with us, and after that, our servers bring plates of hot food to each person.

For meetings where it's best for attendees to stay put the entire time, plated catering is a fantastic option. Let us handle all the preparation so your guests can unwind, relax, and refuel with some of the most delectable hot catered food available.

Sandwich Catering

Nothing quite like a sandwich provides a filling midday boost. It's now simpler than ever to give your team that boost with corporate catering from Apple Spice.

Providing meals for organizations and gatherings of all sizes is Apple Spice Catering's area of expertise. We have a variety of sandwiches to choose from whether you are feeding five people or five thousand.

Delicious hot and cold sandwich buffets and platters are available on our corporate and office catering menu to satisfy your group's appetite. You can choose from hot sub sandwich catering, cold sandwich platters that are already made, deli platters that you can assemble yourself, or sandwich trays that let your group assemble their own dishes using our top-notch ingredients.

Boxed Breakfast Catering

A satisfying breakfast can give you the energy you need to achieve great things throughout the day. With irresistible breakfast catering from Apple Spice, you can provide your team with the healthy, fresh energy they need to rise and shine.

Apple Spice has the ideal solution to ensure everyone is happy and prepared to take on any task, whether you're hosting a last-minute meeting for a small group or a regularly scheduled conference for hundreds or even thousands of people.

Apple Spice Catering provides breakfast box catering in many locations across the country. These individually packaged breakfasts are a quick and practical way to ensure everyone has a satisfying meal at mealtimes.

Business Lunch Catering

At Apple Spice, we can provide support for catered events of any size, whether we are preparing meals for very small groups or very large ones. Our resources allow us to support events of any size. We can accommodate small and large group catering orders placed at the last minute.

You can depend on Apple Spice to provide high-quality catering options for any large company gatherings you organize. We can individually package meals as part of the boxed lunch catering services we provide so they can be securely transported to your event. We affix names to every order to facilitate the smooth distribution of packages at various events. We can easily accommodate anyone on your team who requires special accommodations due to dietary restrictions. The special request boxes will each have a distinctive mark to denote their distinction from one another, which will assist customers in obtaining the appropriate meals.

Corporate Catering

Apple Spice Catering is the best option if you need a place to get lunch catered for your next work event. We have served businesses all over the United States with our corporate catering services for over 30 years.

Because of our decades of experience, we are familiar with the specific catering requirements of corporations. From the moment the order is placed until it is delivered, we will provide superior service to our customers. In addition, we will ensure that your company always receives the highest quality catering. When stomachs start to rumble at your meetings, events, and other gatherings, the best solution is to order catering from our company. We offer box lunches, breakfast, and hot food.

Apple Spice Catering

Apple Spice has the ideal menu ready, whether you need lunch for a small group in the office or thousands at your next corporate event. Our team will handle every aspect of your meal, from box lunches to hot and cold catering, to ensure a success.

Why is choosing our business catering service the best option? We consistently deliver delicious foods made with premium ingredients on time. Every boxed lunch is exactly what you ordered, down to the homemade bread that we bake every day. We also bake our delicious cookies from scratch! You can be certain that everyone in your group will savor a delicious, filling meal when you work with us for business breakfast, lunch, and dinner catering.

For your catering needs for an upcoming business event, contact us right away. We're ready to go above and beyond your expectations, just like we have for more than 30 years, whether it be for regularly scheduled conferences or last-minute client meetings.