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At the Gramercy Pain Center, we provide comprehensive pain management care to all patients. We create pain management strategies customized to your needs and what makes you feel the best. We can lessen the crippling impact your condition has on your quality of life by offering efficient pain relief that controls your chronic pain and uncomfortable symptoms. At the same time, you seek treatment for your condition or learn to function in daily life.

Ajay Varma, MD, DABA, DABAPM, and Ali Valimahomed, MD, who specialize in interventional pain management, are in charge of our facilities throughout New Jersey. The Gramercy Pain Center employs the most cutting-edge techniques available, supported by data from both medical and scientific studies, along with a team of compassionate and caring professionals.

We recognize that chronic conditions, post-surgical recovery, and injuries can negatively impact your way of life. With our assistance, you can manage your condition and enhance your quality of life by getting long-lasting pain relief.

Neck pain can indicate various things, not just a stiff neck. Consult a neck pain specialist to finally get your condition treated, especially if you've been experiencing it far too frequently.

The Gramercy Pain Center provides a thorough treatment program that combines various pain management techniques with prescription medication and physical therapy. Patients can relax knowing that our neck pain specialist is a guaranteed board-certified professional and that they are in good hands.

Simple neck pains might be frequent and easy to ignore and brush off with a painkiller. It's best to see a pain management specialist if you begin to experience chronic pain, though, as your chronic neck pain may be brought on by something else.

The Gramercy Pain Center provides a comprehensive screening so patients can get a precise diagnosis for their chronic pain. We provide them with integrated neck pain treatment with the help of our pain management expert.

Back Pain Doctor

The primary structure that supports your back and aids in keeping you upright is your spine. Additionally, it offers good stability and is in charge of your range of motion, which includes sitting, standing, and walking.

Imagine not having ongoing back pain and being able to work and enjoy your activities. Gramercy Pain Center can assist you in managing your backache condition and turning living without pain into your new reality. With the help of our interventional pain management options, you can lessen the negative effects of back and spinal issues on your way of life and enhance your standard of living.

Meet with our pain specialist today to learn about the various non-spinal surgery back pain relief options. Our doctor at Gramercy Pain Center will accurately diagnose your condition and suggest the best nonsurgical cure for your pain issue.

Sciatica Doctor

Sciatica is a lower back pain that typically affects one side of the body and radiates to the buttocks and lower leg. Sciatica is a condition where the sciatic nerve is compressed partially or completely, resulting in pain.

A wide range of pain sensations, from a slight ache to a sharp burning sensation and even unbearable pain, are typical of sciatica pain. In this kind of circumstance, one might also experience a jolt-like sensation.

Long periods of sitting still, sneezing, and coughing can all make the pain worse. A slipped disc may be the cause of the sciatica nerve pain, in which case swelling in the affected leg may also be an indication.

It can be distinguished from a hip issue because groin pain is a symptom of hip issues like arthritis. Putting weight on the leg and moving your legs around can also make hip pain worse.

At the Gramercy Pain Center, we first determine the condition's diagnosis before starting treatment. In order to do this, we carefully record your medical history and conduct physical exam procedures.

Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery

You may be a candidate for minimally invasive spine surgery if you require surgery on your back but are concerned about how long it will take to recover. Gramercy Pain Center in Holmdel, Red Bank, Montclair, and Jersey City, New Jersey, offers this procedure, which employs specialized instruments and microdissection techniques that only require small incisions in the patient's skin. The procedure is performed by Ajay Varma, MD, DABA, DABAPM, Ali Valimahomed, MD, and the skilled team at Gramercy Pain Center. Consequently, the patient experiences less pain, has a shorter stay in the hospital, and recovers more quickly. Call the office or make an appointment online today to find out if minimally invasive spine surgery is the right choice for you.

Medical Marijuana For Pain

One of the main reasons many people visit their doctors is pain and discomfort, which lowers their quality of life. At Gramercy Pain Center, we offer a wide range of comprehensive pain management options to assist patients in controlling their chronic pain symptoms.

There are many advantages to using medical marijuana to treat chronic pain and other conditions, but some patients may also experience risks. If you're considering enrolling in a medical marijuana program to help with your chronic pain symptoms, you should first become familiar with the regulations and prerequisites.

With the help of a reputable medical marijuana doctor at Gramercy Pain Center, take the first step toward a secure and productive medical cannabis program for your pain. We always provide our patients with high-quality, individualized care to reclaim their pain-free lives quickly.

Interventional Pain Management

People with chronic pain have difficulty accepting their condition and figuring out how to get long-term relief. Even though taking painkillers is a common strategy for easing uncomfortable symptoms, it might not be sufficient to get to the bottom of your chronic issue.

Interventional pain medicine describes identifying and treating the underlying causes of chronic disorders as opposed to traditional pain management. Interventional pain management does more than just relieve your symptoms; it also offers long-lasting enhancements to your quality of life by identifying the primary issue and preventing the activity of pain signals.

Our group of interventional pain doctors at Gramercy Pain Center can perform minimally invasive procedures to lessen and stop your pain while preventing it from getting worse. Utilizing cutting-edge methods, we use an integrated approach to pinpoint the cause of your discomfort and enhance your general physical condition.