The E-Bar Website portion of the ILG Electronic Bar Admission Solution consists of two separate modules. Applicants have a dedicated website for the entire admission process from completion of the bar application to uploading the oath of admission. The admission office also has a dedicated website to support the work of the office and members of the board.

E-Bar Website

The E-Bar Website allows applicants to:

  • Register to create an account
  • Complete, retrieve, submit and amend applications
  • Make credit card payments via a secure checkout process
  • Upload supplemental documents or scanned images
  • Communicate directly with admission office via a simple messaging mechanism
  • Receive notification emails from the system informing them about activity on their application
  • Retrieve admission letters and notices
  • Retrieve exam admission tickets
  • Retrieve exam results
  • Access technical support
  • Access application history and print application forms

E-Bar Admin Site

The E-Bar Admin Website allows administrators to:

  • Update website announcements
  • Update some website content
  • Add and edit Frequently Asked Questions
  • Manage board member or committee member websites and content
  • Add PDF documents to the website
  • Review and approve applicant photo submissions
  • Email applicants based on application type who have registered yet not submitted
  • Review applicant support tickets submitted to ILG
  • Submit and review admission office support tickets to ILG