Simple fermented tea that will get your body ready to slay life's next adventure

Our Story

We wanted more

Well, we're the two guys.. Chase Horvath and Matthew Cass proudly brewing Two Guys Kombucha in Charleston, SC. We needed a healthy and powerful beverage to fuel our surfing habit; this stuff had to get us amped to surf hurricane waves, bruh. We had been brewing Kombucha, and looked at eachother and said -- hey lets crank this stuff up and throw some energy supplements in it. It freaking worked! Two Guys Kombucha was born.

Chase Horvath

El Capitan

Matt Cass

No, I'm the Captain

A goat

Doesn't Actually Exist

Some Surfboards





The Ginger Problem

Lemon + Ginger
Fresh, crisp, and refreshing. We get the irony.

Laughing Dragon

Hibiscus + Lemon
She's elegant & tasty, but be careful, the dragon will get'ya.


Cayenne + Ginger
Well.. What can we say.. Our mixtape is hot like fire.

Matcha Party

Matcha + Mint
We like to party. This is our favorite kind.

We are committed to crafting simple, natural, & quality Kombucha that keeps the body happy and mind energized.