After an accident at work, you may not get the full amount of compensation. Our lawyers can help. To learn more, please call our Queens, New York office or email us. Your safety is often at stake as a worker in construction. If you're hurt on the job, it shouldn't be a problem for your financial security. New York's workers' compensation law is often complicated. They favor employers and insurers. An experienced Queens personal injury lawyer can protect your rights to get you the full amount of compensation you deserve.

K L Sanchez Law Office P.C.'s lawyer has built a reputation of success over the years. If you make a mistake, the workers' insurance company may be able to deny or undervalue the claim. Our lawyer understands the law and knows what you are entitled to. And we will assess your case to determine if you can file a lawsuit against any third party for liability against your employer. Contact our law firm to receive a complimentary consultation on how we can help.

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NYC's dangerous construction sites are among the most dangerous. As a result, NYC has established strict labor laws that are designed to keep workers safe over the years. These types of incidents are still quite common. New York Department of Buildings did a study of NYC construction site safety. 502 construction-related injuries were reported at edifices in 2020. This is a drop from the 595 reported injuries for 2019. According to U. S. Bureau of Labor Statistics BLS, NYC had the highest number of worker death in 2019. 24 New York City construction workers died in the same period.

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new york construction accident attorney

new york construction accident attorney

New York workers'' compensation law typically covers you if you were hurt on a construction job. Workers' comp will pay the most value for your claim. Your lost payments will account for approximately 1/3 of your wage benefit. The weekly maximum of $1,063.05 is the limit, regardless of what your earnings were before the accident. It will increase your chances of maximizing the outcome of this unfortunate event by consulting an attorney who has experience in this field.

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There may be situations in which your case value is higher. Employed or self-employed individuals may not be entitled to workers' comp. Even if your employer isn't liable, you could sue the negligent third party to recover additional damages. Your non-economic damages may add significant amounts to your overall award. K L Sanchez Law Office P. C. can help to determine if third-party claims are possible.

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While you get better, workers' comp benefits can be a great source of income. Workers' compensation won't cover your entire loss. It is important you understand all of your options. For additional damages, you might be able to bring a third-party claim if the negligent third person was partially at fault for your accident. In other words, if your employer or coworker was negligent in the accident, you may have the right to sue them for the full extent of the damages.

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You can trust our experienced attorney in fighting for the rightful damages. Get started today by calling for a no-obligation consultation. Construction workers can suffer life-altering injuries. You are entitled to full compensation for all the injuries you sustained when you were injured on the job. If you were injured while on the job, it is important to have time to heal. Our lawyer will help you navigate the legal process. K L Sanchez Law Office P.C. is available to provide information and a free evaluation regarding your claim.