Cancion Cannibal Cabaret
The Cancion Cannibal Cabaret is a poetry/theatre hybrid text intended to be read as a collection of prose and poems and also to be fully-staged as a punk rock musical. Think of it as concept album meets live radio play. Focused on the theme of revolution and inspired by contemporary issues of social justice, the manuscript is set in a not-so-distant dystopian future. After an environmental apocalypse, a refugee raised under the oppressive State, "La Madre Valiente," studies secretly to become the leader of a feminist revolution. While the revolutionary figure remains in hiding, her emissaries Las Hijas de la Madre roam the land telling her story, educating others, and enlisting allies in revolution. The show the audience witnesses is staged as one of these traveling propaganda rallies aimed at galvanizing supporters to joining the Mujerista Resistance against the State.


April 26 2016, UTRGV, Edinburg TX

June 4 2016, The Prelude, Harlingen TX

June 6 2016, Guerrilla Gourmet, Victoria TX

June 8 2016, Barrio Barista, San Antonio TX

August 23 2016, Yerberia Cultura, McAllen TX

October 1 2016, Yerberia Cultura, McAllen TX

November 3 2016, Palo Alto College, San Antonio TX

(additional dates to be announced)




Cast (Summer 2016)

The Black Bard: Amalia Ortiz
The Red Heralds: Danielle Lopez, Amanda Victoria Ramirez, Gladys Ornelas and/or Maria Ibarra
The Drums: Robby Cruz
The Guitar: Dan Flutur
The Bass: Kip Austin Hinton