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BP’s next disaster? Not on SpongeBob’s watch!

Posted by Priya Surendra - 4th July 2017

BP are at it again.

The company responsible for the Deepwater Horizon disaster wants to drill for oil near the pristine Amazon Reef. What could possibly go wrong? ????

Home to pink corals and sunset-coloured fish, the Reef has been described as an ‘underwater rainforest’ near the mouth of the Amazon River.  And we’re only just discovering how special it is.

But if BP’s extreme drilling causes a spill, it could spell disaster for the Reef and the wider area. We can’t let this happen.

So starting today, we’re turning up the pressure on BP – working together to defend the Reef from risky, spill-prone oil drilling.

And now we’ve got some help from an unlikely source. The Amazon Reef has a new champion – a celebrity advocate who’ll stand up to BP and fight for justice.

His name? Spongebob Squarepants.

Why SpongeBob?

As a coral reef resident, SpongeBob knows all about caring for our oceans – and he’s got plenty of campaigning experience too. And with over 60 species of sea sponge living on the Amazon Reef, for him this is personal.

So check out the video and share it far and wide. It’s a fun way to introduce new people to the campaign, and definitely not your usual Greenpeace message!

But the video is just the start. Let’s work together to expose BP’s reckless drilling plan, and pressure them to leave the Amazon Reef in peace

Want to be a part of it? Sign the petition to get started.

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