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A handy list of car companies that are ditching diesel

Posted by Morten Thaysen - 5th October 2018

“We are obviously headed for the end of diesel”. You’d think these would be the words of someone campaigning for clean air or perhaps a mayor taking action to clean up the air of their city. But in fact they are the words of Carlos Ghosn, the CEO of Renault, who just this week announced that the company is ditching half of its diesel models and instead focusing on hybrid and electric cars. On the same day Peugeot announced they will stop research and development of new diesel engines to instead focus on electric cars. That’s just a week after Porsche confirmed that it is ditching diesel as the car-maker is moving towards 100 % electric cars.

The big German car makers VW (including Audi), BMW and Daimler (Mercedes-Benz) are looking increasingly isolated in their quest to push over more diesel cars on our roads rather than focusing on the switch to electric cars. And that’s good news both our health and the planet. Diesel fumes have been linked to Alzheimer, cancer and to stunted lung growth in children living in polluted cities. And while diesel was originally sold as a climate-friendly solution, it turns out that diesel cars are actually just as bad as petrol cars for CO2 emissions.

While we keep pushing for VW – the biggest producer of diesel cars – to abandon the polluting technology and go 100% electric, here is a handy list of the companies that are already ditching diesel.

These car companies are ditching diesel
1: Toyota
Is dropping its sale of diesel cars in Europe this year

2: Kia
Has halted development of new diesel engines

3: PSA (Peugeot,  Citroen, Vauxhall)
Has halted development of new diesel engines

4: Renault
Had said diesel cars will slowly disappear from their lineup

5: Nissan
Is gradually stopping the sale of diesel vehicles in Europe

6: Fiat Chrysler Automobiles
Will stop selling diesel cars by 2022

7: Subaru
Has stopped selling diesel cars in the UK

8: Volvo
Is stopping the sale of diesel cars

9: Porsche
Has stopped selling diesel cars

10: Cadillac
Has halted development of new diesel engines

11: Suzuki:
Are stopping sales of diesel cars in the UK

12: Bentley
Has stopped selling diesels in Europe

13: Mitsubishi
Has stopped selling diesel cars in the UK and Germany

These car companies are still pushing diesel
Here are the companies that have made no commitments to phase out diesel – including their proportion of UK diesel car sales.

1: VW group – VW, Audi, Seat, Skoda (20.6%)

2: BMW (12%)

4: Daimler – Mercedes-Benz (10%)

5: Ford (9.6 %)

6: JLR – Jaguar, Land Rover (8 %)

7: Mazda (1%)

Join the campaign to get VW to ditch diesel.

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