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Update on Hinkley mud

Posted by Flo Stuart-Leach - 12th September 2018

There has been concern over EDF moving mud from the Hinkley site to the South Wales coast. This morning Greenpeace wrote to EDF to clarify our position:

Dear EDF,

We have been informed that EDF has misrepresented Greenpeace’s current position regarding the dredging and dumping of mud from the Hinkley site to the South Wales coast.

We request in the strongest terms that EDF ceases from stating that Greenpeace accepts that the mud is not toxic as that is not our current view. We are clear that we do not know if the mud is toxic or not, and therefore we support calls for more testing to be undertaken.

Legitimate questions are being raised by local residents and concerned citizens about the limits of the testing that has been done so far. Their calls for further testing should be respected and we support calls for further testing of the mud before it is moved. It is important that the results of this testing removes any reasonable doubt that this mud may be harmful for current or future generations.

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