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Victory! Scotland is banning fracking

Posted by Mal Chadwick - 3rd October 2017

This is massive news. The Scottish Government has announced that it will be listening to the people of Scotland and saying “No!” to fracking.

For years we have been calling on the SNP to take a stand against this uneconomic and unnecessary industry. Earlier this year 3,000 of you were part of a groundswell of more than 60,000 people who took part in a consultation on unconventional oil and gas exploration in Scotland.

Overwhelming opposition is an understatement. Today it emerged that 99% of those who participated in the consultation were opposed to fracking going ahead.

Scottish Energy Minister Paul Wheelhouse said the decision took into account “expert independent advice” and “the people of Scotland“. The Minister stated that the argument for fracking was outweighed by its detrimental impacts on health, the climate and the lack of a sound economic argument in its favour.

This is a massive win for the people of Scotland and the planet. Show your support by sharing on Facebook and Twitter.

BREAKING: The Scottish government has announced a ban on fracking in Scotland!Let's celebrate this victory, and keep working to stop fracking all over the UK. Join the campaign >>

Posted by Greenpeace UK on Tuesday, October 3, 2017


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